New to Anal Play

It’s mad to think it’s 2022 already, maybe it’s a sign of age but the years seem to be speeding up. I was never a fan of new year resolutions where you give up something but a resolution to try something new is always a good idea. Just why wait for new years to try something new?

So we’re agreed we are going to try something new, well what better then a new erotic experience to try like a little anal play!

Ten years ago Anal Play was still very much the preserve of the extreme erotic denizens or the Gay crowd in Ireland. But at PlayBlue we have seen ever increasing sales of Anal Toys. It has become much more mainstream and looks like it has become a normal element of many sex lives in Ireland.

anal play

If you are totally new but want to dip your toes into a anal play - first off toes and anal play might not be the first thing to try and secondly you need to know a couple of basics so just follow these simple steps :

Lube - You have often heard rabbit on about lube but when it comes to Anal Play it is absolutely essential. DO NOT attempt any anal play without lubricant. I really can’t stress this enough the anal area does not naturally lubricate so you must add lube and don’t skimp use loads and make sure to reapply often. A specific Anal lube is best but to start I would advice against the desensitising ones as you want to feel everything to start to make sure you don’t go to far too fast.

Hygiene - Obviously anal play can and does get a little messy sometimes. A great idea is to douche prior to anal play. Douching is a simple process where you have a douche which is a simple silicone bulb with a nozzle. You fill the bulb with warm water and gently insert the nozzle into your anus and squeeze the bulb to shoot the water into your rectum. Hold the water for 20-30 seconds then release. Repeat until you are confident you are clean and the water runs clear. Most people do this in the shower or on the toilet and you can buy attachments for the shower etc but to start a simple douche is perfect. Also of course only allow something hygienically clean to be inserted into your ass that goes for penises too.

Slow - This is not a sprint go super slow. Sex is meant to be pleasurable and pain is a sign something isn’t quite right so stop. You will feel pressure and the first few times will feel a little weird but hopefully a really nice weird. The key here is to relax and listen to your body, try not to clench. If you start with a little soft rim play or a bullet vibe around the rim that’s great - Do not rush and just try to enjoy the sensations. The goal here is pleasure not just to get the biggest thing you have up your ass.

Size Matters - You know when people says size doesn’t matter, well in anal play it does bigtime. Start super small, a pinky. Only progress once you are comfortable and remember slow. As you play you will relax more and your sphincter will relax too making anal much easier and more enjoyable.

Now Explore - Once through the basics and you have enjoyed your first backdoor experience it is time to explore. If you found that anal play wasn’t your bag this is also great and you are totally 100% allowed make your own calls here, let no one including yourself pressurise you into doing something you are not comfortable with.

The options from anal beads to butt plugs to prostate massagers to pegging to anal vibes to anal dildos, Combine with masturbatory devices like vibes and sleeves or add anal play to penetrative sex need I go on?  If you have tried and enjoyed your first anal experience you are in for such a treat.

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