How to do Temperature Play

Did you know that skin is the most forgotten sex organ of the body? Seriously, this is true. We use it to hurry to the various erogenous zones located around our bodies, but we never seem to stop to give our skin the time that can be both sensuous and highly arousing.

One of the best ways to allow you explore your skin is temperature play. Playing with different temperatures across your skin provokes a response by using the skins neuroreceptors which in the correct setting are translated as arousing foreplay.

There are many ways to enjoy yourself while playing around with temperature. It is all about discovering what works and feels best for you.


When you think about temperature play the first thing that you probably think about is ice-cubes. Simple and easy-to-hand they can be used in many ways. Draw them along the skin of your partner or hold them in your mouth before using it to give a deep and interesting sensation. To play with different temperatures, place the ice-cubes in one hand, while you keep the other one warm and as you play, switch hands to keep things fun.

You can also use cream or ice-cream; your partner gets to experience some tasty temperature play and you get to experience a tasty treat!

If you want to bring sex toys into play nothing could be simpler. The best toys to use for temperature play are stainless steel, glass and stone.

By placing them in a bowl of icy water or even your fridge you can bring them down to a temperature that is not only fun for external use, but you can use them internally as well. 


You can shake things up next time you engage in temperature play by going to the other extreme, heat. Or you can use both to create different sensations. The world is your oyster!

Heating up chocolate syrup or caramel sauce to create a sticky, sexy mess or using warmed up massage oil for an all-consuming experience.

Just like placing toys in icy water, you can place them in a bowl of warm water to create the opposite experience.

Always remember when using heat whether it is liquid or toys, that the receiving partner finds it a comfortable temperature and is in no danger of suffering a burn. Check the temperature before using it on anyone.

Special candles are available for those that want to use wax. Fun, sexy and intense it is seen as another staple of temperature play. But can make sure you are using the correct candles designed for this purpose. Using house candles, which have very high melting points, will bring around an abrupt end to your intimate evening!

You can add to the play and sensations by using blindfolds and ties. Losing one sense can heighten the senses that remain. 


You don’t need to be with a partner to enjoy temperature play. This is where using your toys can come into play. You can still use all the tricks for cooling down or heating your favourite toy and enjoy the feelings that they can bring, both internally and externally. 

That’s it folks! If you have any queries about temperature play or anything else to do with the wonderful world of sex toys don’t hesitate to contact us online or in-store.

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