Sure That's How We've Always Done It!!!!

When you run a business I find I’m fascinated in how other businesses work. Well every few months I donate blood, makes you feel all righteous, will really help someone and you never know when you might need that help, so donate ok. Anyway after you donate they then lead you to a table and you get tea/coffee and Tayto crisps. I’ve been donating blood for years and it’s always Tayto crisps. I was chatting to the nurse and said

“I assume you at least get the Tayto for free”’ I was shocked, they don’t, they pay full whack for them!!!!

WTF!!! - This is a great advert for Tayto, being associated with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS), if I was Tayto I’d have a logo on my website and even on the packet, other companies would see huge value in a tie-up here. Walkers, I suggested even the supermarkets like Lidl would jump at the chance to sponsor this.

I honestly couldn’t believe that for years, decades even the IBTS has been buying the Tayto crisps, Tayto should be paying for the privilege of sponsoring the crisps and if they won’t I would bet you there is a queue of companies who would.

It got me thinking about obvious savings and opportunities that I might be missing in PlayBlue. When you start a business there are a 1,000 obvious things to improve on and for a few years it’s constant change and rebuild. PlayBlue has been serving Irish customers online for over 8 years now and over 20 years in the high street. All the obvious should be done or so we thought. But just thinking about IBTS and the mentality of “sure that’s how we’ve always done it” frightens the life out of me. We have never settled and never will, this past year alone the change in PlayBlue is amazing, here are some of the highlights.

  • PlayBlue Product Videos - A growing “What you see is what you get” series of product videos
  • New Tallaght Flagship Store - 2000sq of Retail and Warehouse space to enable us to offer much more products and a walk-in option in Dublin.
  • Free Parcel Motel Shipping - Use Parcel Motel for FREE with PlayBlue.
  • New PlayBlue Track & Chase on Orders - If an order is late we’ll proactively chase the courier for you.
  • Free Returns - You can return orders to us with no shipping fee with Parcel Motel
  • Instant Chat Use up over 400%
  • Lower Prices - One benefit of Brexit as some of our UK Suppliers become cheaper so do we.
  • Hundreds of new sex toys and lingerie.

What will 2019 bring? It is safe to assume PlayBlue won’t stand still.

What are we missing? No honestly I’m asking, let us know if you have any suggestions or see anything not quite right. Contact Us

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