Fleshlight on Primetime

Fleshlight on TVI was watching ‘The Big C’ on TV last Friday night. I love the show it manages to be funny and goofy about a very serious topic. Not sure if you seen it but on the last episode the main character wanted to spice up her lovelife a bit so with her best friend ventured into a sex shop. Well this is where I kind of knew what I was looking at. Remember this is a primetime TV programme. I noticed loads of Lelo products which the girls kind of talked around and fiddled with. Then the main character brought a Fleshlight. This was presented on the TV show like an advert and I wonder how much Fleshlight paid for it but they effectively showed the box, it being un-wrapped, a discussion ensued about what it was and how it worked and then it was tried out on its maiden voyage. It all finished off with the main characters husband saying “That Fleshlight was incredible”

The two things I took from this were that one sex toys are really becoming commodity mainstream products even male masturbators which would have been viewed with disgust by a large segment of respectable society only a couple of years back. And two that in-TV show adverts really are becoming less and less subtle and with the advent of Sky+ and TiVo and on-demand TV viewing the only viable way to advertise on TV is in programme adverts because these will be watched and concentrated on. I thought it was a brilliant ad for fleshlight and great to see.

How long do you think before The Late Late is sponsored by PlayBlue … ;-)

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