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PlayBlue Big IdeasMost online business are setup with the absolute best of intentions and like nearly all business with amazing zeal. The first couple of months there are constant changes and improvements and blind alleys. Until after about 6 months unless revenue has started to grow significantly that initial passion can begin to wear a little thin. This is why 2 out of 3 online business don’t last more than 3 years.

After that 6 month point when the initial burst has lost it’s power, this is the point where you learn if the new online business is for real or not. Online business may look like an easy road to riches, anyone can do it but the reality is actually very different. Making money online is not as easy as most people think.

PlayBlue operated a little like this to begin with but maybe because we had experience in running a number of businesses and Sex Shops in the past we had our eyes open to what was involved. Running an online sex shop business is not a route to fast easy money as the host of online sex shops we’ve seen close in the last 2 years can testify. Creating the website is a tiny fraction of the effort that goes into it which is I reckon where people fall, they focus their whole energy on the website.

We take a leaf out of Jeff Bezos’s book (founder of it is all about the customer and we have to always take a long-term view.

PlayBlue will be around for years we're sure and our focus is 100% on providing the absolute best sex shop experience to our customers. We want to be next to impossible to compete against and we want to become the de-facto place to online sex shop in Ireland. We know it’s a daily 24/7 job that involves a thousand different things, but we must put the customer at the centre of all this or we’ll get it badly wrong.

We are passionate about PlayBlue and not in the manic way of most startup businesses, what turns us on about PlayBlue is truly creating a fantastic customer experience. Of course there are slip-ups but we always try to make amends and learn from our mistakes to make sure that we get better each time.

So we’d love you to take a look at PlayBlue and tell us is there anything else we could do to make it even better, we have some ideas which we are actively working on but we’d love to hear from you, to get a fresh prespective.

Just to add a little incentive if you send us an idea and we act on it we will thank you by sending you a free We-Vibe Salsa worth (€59). Lads please try to stay off the obvious like drop prices or broaden range these are thinngs we actively drive every day we are looking for new ideas.

New Ideas should be emailed to

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