12 Good Reasons to Have Sex

Sex is wonderful, natural, fun, kinky, soft, hard, explorative and intimate. But did you know it is also good for you?! Having regular, safe, fulfilling sex has been proven time and time again to be good for your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Good Sex Couple

How awesome is that?!

Your immune system: People who have healthy regular sex lives have a higher percentage of immunoglobulin A, the antibody that helps you fight against colds and flus. That can also lead to less sick days!

It Can Lessen Pain: This includes headaches and period pain (yes!) It releases a hormone, called Oxycontin, and this aids in helping to raise your threshold for pain.

Improves Women's Bladder Control: 30% of women could experience weakening of the pelvic floor, whether it is through childbirth or the menopause, at some point in their lives. During sex and especially when you orgasm the muscles contract and this helps to strengthen them.

It may make Prostate Cancer less likely: In recent studies they have found that men who orgasm 21 times a month are 20% less likely to develop prostate cancer. More research does need to be done so watch this space.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease: Men who have sex at least twice a week are at less risk of developing heart disease as sex raises your heart rate and keeps your balance of estrogen and testosterone level.

Makes you want to have More sex: Like a wonderful never ending circle. Having sex releases pheromones that enhance your appeal to the opposite sex, just as your partner is doing. The more you and your partner have sex, the more you want to have sex. Cool.

It counts as exercise!: It really does! You will still need to hit the gym but sex burns five calories a minute. Sweet!!

It can give you younger looking skin: During sex estrogen is sent flying around the body which has a plumping effect on the skin. It is the drop in estrogen as we grow older that leads to wrinkles in the skin, so a healthy sex life does help toward looking younger for longer!

Increasing Your Attractiveness: We all know we are sexy gods and goddesses but having sex releases pheromones, the chemicals that make you attractive to others.

Body Confidence & Self Esteem: Engaging with a partner in a healthy way who shows appreciation for you and your body can’t but help but lift how you see yourself. While it is so important for everyone to have confidence in themselves, it is a nice boost when your partner sees how wonderful you know you are.

Eases Stress and Anxiety: Just by being close to your partner can help soothe and de-stress. Touching and hugging releases your body's’ natural feel good hormone while sexual arousal revs up your brain's’ pleasure and reward system. Sex also prevents your blood pressure from rising. This happens more when you are having penetrative sex but you will also find masturbation and non penetrative sex can help.

BDSM and Mental Health: Time to knock that old myth down. That people who engage in BDSM are unbalanced or weird. People who engage in BDSM tend to be well adjusted, open with themselves and their partners, honest, happy to try new experiences and are comfortable with themselves and their partner.

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