250 New Products...Loads to come!

Our big thing in PlayBlue is shipping and customer service. We want our customers to be happy with the PlayBlue experience because as we all know Ireland is small and we need to treasure every customer we get.

Well with our delivery promise so important to us it poses a problem with adding new products to the website. There was almost an unconscious dread of adding new items to the website because it would have a snowball effect where then we’d need to order them and add them to the stocking system and add the supplier (if it’s a new supplier) to the stock tracking system and create barcodes for the new products and find room in the warehouse for them.

It kind of generated a ton of work just to add a new dildo!

Luckily the new systems we have in place makes it all breeze and we’ve gone a little mad and yesterday added 250 products to the website which are now winging their way to us. Everything from Average Joe Dildo to Asylum Second Skin to a whole new range of Lingerie.

We might have the problem that we’ve actually made it too easy to add products because we’ve had to restrict computer time to our IT Manager as he keeps adding products in his spare time!

What all this means for you is that you can expect to see an ongoing flood of new products arriving on the website as we strive to offer not only the best but all the weird and wonderful too.

If you notice that we are missing anything from the website you’d like please drop us an email and we’ll get on it.

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