Sex Coach Review - Satisfyer Anal Plug Set

When you have the right toys, anal play is awesome. Yes, it can be awesome without toys too, but a good anal lube, and some plugs can also make a huge difference (especially if you find that your fingers are not long enough. :D).


My anal toybox is just getting bigger and bigger and this Satisfyer Anal Plug set has a good place in it. 




The material:

I just love, love, love how smooth these plugs are. This silicon feels amazing on the skin/in the butt. :) No edges or any sharpness. (I know that this should be obvious, but believe me, not always is.) Easy to clean.

The size and shape:

I just like the size of these toys. Nothing too intimidating, but at the same time there is variety. I love these 3 shapes. It is easy to build up a safe and pleasurable anal training even for a beginner. And if you are not a beginner you still find this plug set exciting and inspiring. :)


The ring at the end of the plugs:


Anal play requires lots of lube, and this means that your hands are going to be slippery a lot too, so having the rings at the end of the plugs give a stable grip in any circumstances. And even if you use the plugs for your self-pleasure you are going to love them. 


And at the same time because of the rings you can’t use these anal plugs as the classic butt plugs designed to be worn. So unfortunately you can't really do this with the Satisfyer Anal Plugs. You have to use them and play with them, not “just” leaving them inside. :)


Watch my review video of the Satisfyer Anal Plug Set here:



My tip: I would start with the "swirly" one. The little pointy end is ideal for some massage and first penetration. 

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