When Fashion meets Fetish!

Did you know that tights are in for Autumn/Winter 2019? You do now. Apparently the most inconvenient of legwear is the accessory of the season. Did you also know that tights are also a massive turn-on for a large number of people? You also do now. Let’s discuss this fortuitous meeting of fashion and fetish.  

The funny thing is that as a woman, tights have never actually been an item that I’ve felt sexy wearing. They can be sweaty, they rip super easily and unless you get the sizing exactly right things can get weird - as anyone who’s had to stop on a side street to to a surreptitious hiiiiike of their rapidly descending tights knows. It’s not that I hate them per se, I just would never choose to wear them unless I really had to.

However, even the most cursory search of the word ‘tights’ will really underline that there’s a whole subsection of people who’s opinion of tights is pretty much the exact opposite of mine: they essentially think they are the sexiest item of clothing ever created. A fetish for tights can be expressed in a number of ways either or both partners wearing tights during sexual activity, ripping or tearing the tights, using the tights as bondage, using them as a tool for humiliation, or even sniffing them.

So, what is it about tights that actually does it for people? Well, for a lot of people a fetish for tights is closely linked with a foot fetish. One prevalent theory on why some people are attracted to feet is that it is essentially due to crossed wires.The brain’s centres for the genitals and the feet are directly beside each other and it has been posited that in some individuals the wires get crossed leaving them with an attraction to stompers - a tights fetish can be an extension of this.

There are also a couple of other elements of tight wearing that arouses tight fetishists. For example, tights have direct contact with the female genitalia unlike other forms of footwear, they’re quite often sheer and they present a set of legs that are completely smooth and imperfection free. There is also the slight peek-a-boo element of the tight - you’re seeing the wearers leg, but it’s still modest because it’s covered up. Naughty.

When it comes to the fashion side of things, tights are actually a pretty good accessory to have in style for Autumn - they keep your legs warm, they allow you to get a longer wear out of your skirts and dresses and they can really elevate an outfit if you let them. Fashionable and sexy? Okay, I’m actually even convincing myself to give them a go this season - for research purposes of course.

Whether you want them for the bedroom or regular life, why not check out our range of tights and stockings here. I could see this particular pair coming in handy in both the bedroom and regular day to day life - talk about a transitional piece!  

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