Happy Brexit Day - Think Twice before you Order!

Friday coming is Brexit Day in the UK. They will be leaving the EU officially and will be free to do whatever they want. This is sad, scary and we all must admit a little interesting.

Brexit Day

What’s going to happen? 

Let’s face it in Boris they have a Donald light in charge meaning he is liable to do anything. There is an agreed transition period in place where in theory nothing changes until December but who’s to say Boris will stick to that and what is going to stop him as logic plays no part in this or Brexit would never be happening.

Big online players like Amazon are already moving with changes to where they ship from. Companies trading from the UK online are now left in a strange situation where all they can say is “Trust Us” because returns rules might change, customs rules might change, shipping practices might change, quality standards might change. Everything we understand about how online trade happens in reality comes from the EU.

You place an order with PlayBlue by EU law we must give you 14 days to change your mind for a full refund (we actually double that) we never have to include customs declarations to orders within the EU making sure we can be super discreet and of course there is no duties liable within the EU. But from Friday this will still be the situation for UK companies until suddenly it isn’t. Boris could make an announcement Saturday that changes all the rules we can just never know - is Boris that crazy?

This means you have 2 choices

  1. Stop ordering from the UK until there are similar returns and customs rules in law in the UK.
  2. Accept the situation and know that customs rules might change and returns rules might change over night.

Of course PlayBlue being Ireland based and in the EU this doesn’t apply to us and of course we have a vested interest in more Irish people placing orders with Irish companies but you must admit everything I’ve stated is true and I’m 100% unapologetic about promoting “Buy Irish” as we all should.

Last little piece of advice make sure the companies you are dealing with are EU or better still Irish based a .ie is no guarantee of this anymore.

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