What we Don’t Sell

I know this post is a little unusual in that I’m talking exclusively about products we don’t sell. Well you see if you run a sex shop in Ireland and we currently have 2, one in Cork and one in Tallaght, it seems much of the general public think you either have a brothel out back or sell drugs. We get daily customers looking for a range of products and services we don’t offer.

The most common one is Poppers and erection pills. PlayBlue do not sell them and have no plans to ever sell them. We don’t sell them online or instore and we have no hidden stash for “special” customers. All our customers are our favourites and we are straight with everyone. We do not sell them so please don’t ask. 

PlayBlue is all about building a safe friendly place to shop and discuss sex toys and improving your sex lives. We will never damage that with anything dodgy or illegal.

Not for sale

First to the brothels - no we have no brothel not in the basement or upstairs or behind the wall no brothel ok?. Also we don’t do video booths and no we don’t know where all the local sexual services are and no we don’t even sell porn. If you are in the market for any of the above please look elsewhere as we can be of no help. Finally we also don’t sell contact magazines (are even still a thing?)

Now to the drugs, again no we don’t sell drugs of any kind or any sort of drugs paraphernalia. We don’t sell erections pills, they are illegal in Ireland and no we don’t sell poppers, not 100% sure of legality of them but either way we don’t sell them. When I say we don’t sell them I mean WE DON’T SELL THEM. If you are seeing an implied wink wink, there is none. We don’t sell them over the counter, under the counter, not for cash, not for butter vouchers we do not 100% sell them. 

I’m sure there are places you can go to get all of them, the first place I’d try is this internet thingy, but again this is not something we deal in and not something we want to even get into a discussion about. We used to sell DVDs and even magazines but that was years ago and it was always never going to last. If you are looking for DVDs, first off hello the internet, second have you even got a device that plays them? Why are you not doing what every 14 year boy is doing - Just go to Google and Google it! 

PlayBlue sell sex toys, lubes and oils and lingerie and that is it. We are not an erotic yellow pages and have no desire to be. Now if you want to discuss the best Anal Toys for beginners or the pros and cons of silicone lube or chastity play options or the best masturbators choices we are more then eager to have that chat. 

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