Record Month at PlayBlue

PlayBlue just had its best ever month in our shops this July. Both stores broke records and online we just had our best month since the pandemic. Why? Well to be honest who knows, was it the weather making indoor activities more appealing. Was it every other sex shop using the “cost of living crisis” to try and gouge customers. Was it our business genius conquering the market?

Well since the pandemic chaos we have kind of given up trying to guess. I know as a proper business we should have plans and projections and targets and forecasts and SWOT analysis and loads of other business ideas I’ve never even heard of but we have come to realise, for our business anyway, all the effort making these forecasts and plans just distracts you from doing what you should be doing.

Get better

We keep it simple. 100% of our focus is on improving the customer experience and choice every day. Then with a little side eye on keeping costs down. That’s it!

We have learnt that if we focus 100% on the customer this leads us to constantly improve and to move our business forward.

  • Free Fast Discreet Shipping - Same Day 7 Days a week in Dublin and Next Day nationwide
  • Incredible Fair Returns - The vast majority of returns are sorted the same day we are notified.
  • Keep Prices Fair - Get products as cheap as possible then add our margin and sell it, no price gouging.
  • Great Support Options - Online chat, email, phone, In person in store
  • Huge Selection / New Products - We have over 3,000 different products in stock in Ireland ready to ship.
  • Great Content - Over 1,000 product videos, hundreds of Blogs and Help guides, Viktoria our PlayBlue SexCoach ready to help for free.

We have just celebrated our 12th birthday and to the hundreds of thousands of customers we have had we can honestly say we always have tried our best to be the best. Of course we have dropped the ball the odd time but we always try to go again.

I wasn't messing we honestly don’t set revenue targets or profit targets, we set targets to make improvements, like produce 400+ product videos in 2023, write 4-5 blog posts a month. Do 4-5 Viktoria posts per month. Add all the best new releases from our suppliers every month. Do 50+ DeadlyDeal newsletters in 2023 and loads more.

I believe this day to day constant improvement is the key to our success. It sounds simple and I suppose it is really, but it is hard work to do it every day. It is this focus on the customer and treating everyone fairly is the reason July 2023 was a record month.

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