Don’t Panic it is only Travel Locked

Many modern sex toys have a travel lock. This is a function that stops it accidentally turning on. It is great for travel and storage and can save a few blushes. We would advise you use this feature, if available when your sex toys are not being called into action.

The problems arise with sex toys that have a travel lock and precious little instructions or possibly instructions that were ignored in the excitement to first use your new erotic playmate. A few brands actually have the sex toy in travel lock mode when they arrive. For instance Happy Rabbit is always in travel lock mode in the box. We get a load of support calls panicked that the new vibrator doesn’t work when in fact it is a simple fix because of the auto travel lock.

I’ve created a small video of a typical travel lock in action and how it can be enabled and disabled.

A vibrator in travel lock will usually give a half sec buzz if you try to switch it on and then stop. To enable and disable the travel lock usually you need to hold a couple of buttons for a few seconds, but unfortunately this is not a universal standard and many brands have their own unique travel lock methods. Some brands like You2Toys ask you to hold the power button for 3-4 seconds. This is a particularly confusing one as this is similar to switching on/off most toys. The Happy Rabbit brand uses the two button hold method as does Fun Factory.

If you get a travel locked toy first off don’t panic. If you have the box or instructions they are there maybe in picture form but the instructions will exist. If not as described above it is only a couple of different methods. Either a two button hold for a few seconds or a longer singer button press. Failing that please contact us, during support hours we’ll be here to respond in seconds, at 2 in the morning it’ll be an email and in the morning for a response I’m afraid. 

Any reputable brand will have instructions online too so a little google search will tell you what to do too. We also do product videos for hundreds of products and we’d usually discuss the travel lock situation there too.

Travel locks are great once you know they exist and your new vibrator has one. They can be frustrating otherwise so just calm down a bit and take the time to learn all the features of your new sex toy and you will be a travel lock master in no time.

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