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Satisfyer - V-Balls - Kegel Set (3 Pack)

Satisfyer - V-Balls - Kegel Set (3 Pack)

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Our V Balls ensure a strengthened pelvic floor and more intense orgasms. The V Balls feature varying weights, making them ideal for gradually increasing with daily training. 

SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-17 Pelvic floor training strengthens muscles for more intense orgasms 
SAT_Feature-Icons_32-5mm-40  Learn to activate the contractions of orgasm, benefitting both you and your partner during lovemaking


Easy to clean  Orgasm training set: 79,3 g; 114,1 g; 150,3 g 
Body-friendly silicone  More fun for both men and women during sex thanks to muscular constrictions

Easy to clean 

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