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Fant-ASS-tic Smooth Anal Silicone Plug

Fant-ASS-tic Smooth Anal Silicone Plug

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This FantASStic anal plug is made of smooth black silicone that is soft to the touch. It is the smallest plug in a series of 3 sizes, suitable for beginners who’d like to experience anal pleasure. The plug has an anchor shaped base to make sure the plug remains nicely in place and to enhance the sense of security.
  • Anal plug
  • With anchor shaped base
  • Made of silicone
  • Small - Length 8.3 cm Width 2.1 cm
  • Medium - Length 9.9 cm Width 2.5 cm
  • Large - Length 11.5 cm Width 2.9 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This plug is smooth and comfortable in the small size. My partner enjoys using it. The small size is perfect for beginners, the quality of the materials is great.

Great butt plug

I got the small size which is great for beginner anal play! Feels great and secure with a good long base so no fear of it disappearing !
Can’t wait to move up to a medium size!

Its fantastic

I love butt play but always been scared when using my small plugs due to the fair of the ER run for a lost toy up there. But this plug is a winner. It has a big soft anchor which shapes to the crack so i can wear this for hours with zero fear of it getting lost. And its so so so smooth and soft. If you have plugged before get the large size feels insane. Best toy in my droor.