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BLOWCAST - Blowbot Automatic Masturbator

BLOWCAST - Blowbot Automatic Masturbator

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  • Automatic masturbator
  • Vibrations and stroking function
  • Heats up to 45 degrees
  • With detachable phone holder
  • Ultra-soft and textured sleeve
  • Weight: 1006 grams
  • Colour: Black

Meet BLOWCAST; designed with innovation and passion, meant to bring your fantasies to life! The Blowbot offers a unique experience with delightful vibrations and a strip and heating function. With its powerful motor and soft textured sleeve, you'll discover sensations like never before.

The ergonomic design is made to comfortably fit in your hand, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy while the masturbator does its job. Choose from a total of 10 vibration modes and 10 strip modes that you can easily control while it's in use. With the heating function, the sleeve warms up to 45 degrees for a realistic sensation. Place your phone in the included detachable phone holder, lean back, and savor what BLOWCAST has to offer.

Cleaning the masturbator is very simple. Remove the sleeve from the housing by gently unclipping the plastic cover at the front and pushing up the orange levers. Rinse the sleeve thoroughly with lukewarm water and a toy cleaner and let it dry thoroughly before reinserting it into the housing. Do not turn the sleeve inside out while cleaning. The Wingman PRO comes with a manual and a USB cable.

Whether you desire ultra-soft caresses or intense pulsations, BLOWCAST offers a customized experience. There's a BLOWCAST for every mood and every moment. Discover it for yourself!

Product Features

LENGTH 23.5cm
WIDTH 23,5cm
WEIGHT 1.6kg
MATERIALS Abs, Silicone, Tpe
BRAND Blowcast
FEATURES 120min Run Time
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Customer Reviews

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Something new to try and it's quite the little box of fun

Firstly. comes in a box that looks about the size of a playstation but it also looks completely innocent to those who wouldn't know it even says game cup.on the back and when the lid is on it could be a game controller. The sucking mode is a bit loud if you don't want to be heard but the vibration mode is silent almost. And that can get you off easy . When the sucking and vibrating are on at the same time is when you can really have fun aswell as attaching your phone to watch porn. You have to play around with the settings to find what rhythm suits you and when isn't that fun. My favourite was power setting seven on both sucking and vibrate. There's ten modes of each. Just ese lots of can edge yourself pretty well if you just use the sucking and vibrate mode on the head of your cock and then when you want more pressure just push deeper. Also it is fine when you just use it like a fleshlight. The sleeve is really dotted and feels great.. overall a great product. Probably for those of us who have put market research into sex toys this is one to have in your locker and I've used with my missus. It really makes a sucking sound when your fully lubed and she loves that and finally. It gives you a rock hard dick every time.
Now the pros.