The best wands with an extra twist

I’ve started the mission for the best wands with the big, super powerful toys. But most people don't look for the big guns, but a really good massager that is rechargeable so that they don’t have to worry about the wires, something lighter and smaller. And of course these are included as well in this post, but first start with the wands with some extra, so that you can get ever more freedom and satisfaction. 


Let’s talk about dual wands


So far it was all about the head of the wand, but now that the toy is cordless the shaft can also be utilised, so that you can have a choice about how to play with them. So yes, you get a vibrator that can also be amazing for penetration, not “just” for skin level stimulation.

An amazing choice with a vibrating handle is the Javida Double Rechargeable Wand. This toy also has a very flexible, ergonomic, tilted head, that makes it even easier to reach any targeted area effortlessly. 

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Are you looking for more than “just” vibration? The Javida Thrusting Rechargeable Dual Wand has a thrusting shaft as well for the real penetration experience.

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My personal favourite is the Vive - Nami - Pulse Wave Vibrating Wand. Vive designs extraordinary vibrators. The Nami is way more than a dual wand. The shaft has pulse wave functionality that is also ideal for the G-spot. 

But there is more. This set contains 4 extra heads so that you can transform the toy to a suction toy and even an anal vibrator. 

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The touch controlled wand is the way to play more freely

Most wands have buttons to control the toy and change the intensity levels and functions, but the Nalone - RockIt - Touch Controlled Rechargeable Wand can turn on and off according to connecting to the skin. So when you touch the head to the skin, the vibrations are on, and when you take it off it all stops right away, so that power and ease can be on your side.

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Ok, but which wand to choose if you “just” want a simple wand that does the job reliably and quietly and preferably for a long time with one charge?

My recommendation for this is the Rocks Off Oriel - Ultimate Wand vibrator. It has a big, smooth head, provides very deep and intense vibrations for 3 hours with one full recharge. 

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Attachments can make a huge difference

There is also one category to mention, and that is the attachment. As you could see some wands have their on extra parts, but you can also get interchangeable heads to attach to your wand. These are interchangeable and fit most massager heads, and they are going to create a brand new toy. The wand provides the powerful vibrator engine and the attachments can make it a male pleasure or a rabbit or a prostate massager... 

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