Choose the perfect wand for the magical O - the most powerful

Most people see a vibrating wand first in a porn. It really looks like it is a magic wand that makes women cum with its irresistible power. And who wouldn’t want this? I have to add here that wands are not only for those with vulvas, but for everybody who enjoys vibrations and release. Also the whole body can be pleasured with it, not only the genitals.

But are wands really as good as they seem? And how to choose the one that really works like a charm?

It all originated in the 60`s, when the Hitachi Magic Wand became popular. This toy is also created in Japan in order to relieve tension and relax sore muscles. But women discovered very soon for self-pleasure and Betty Dodson the queen of self-pleasure made it popular as a vibrator. 

And we can say that the rest is history…

A very colourful, juicy and creative history. 

Why do we love the magic wands so much?

The key is in the intense vibrations, of course. The original Hitachi Massager is a plug in toy with a powerful motor for maximum effect and a long cord for usability.

Till today the most powerful wands are the ones that are operated by electricity. Also you don’t need batteries or worry about the toy losing the juice and it will stop vibrating.

The Doxy Massager Mains Operate Wand is a big and strong toy with its 3 m long power cord allowing access to a plug that is a bit further away. The engine is very powerful, and this wand is heavy thanks to the sturdy material. At the same time, unfortunately it is not quiet. But I have to add here that the head of this toy is huge and makes everything vibrate deeply and intensely. It definitely covers a big area. Also it doesn’t only have the option to turn the intensity up or down, but there are a lot of functions to enjoy as well.

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There are also cheaper plug in wand massagers, if you don't want to spend on a high end toy, but still want a lots of power. The Bodywand Plug-In Multifunction Wand can be your perfect option with its smooth silicone head, quiet function, one touch control and strong vibrations. Or you can check the Bodywand - Original Plug-In.


But what if you want to go wireless and look for a wand that is still intense?

Doxy also designed a rechargeable, cordless vibrator. It is sturdy and powerful, a bit smaller in size as well. It has a metal body which also makes it heavy. But at the same time it is super powerful without the cord. 

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But personally I find that the best option is the Lelo Smart Wand 2 Large Luxury Wand Vibrator. It is totally waterproof and the head itself is rotating too, not “just” vibrating. It looks majestic and it is also way more quiet than any of the ones mentioned before. 

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But of course nothing stops here. You can choose from dual wands, attachments and some interesting other functions, so check out the next post to help you navigate the whole spectrum here.


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