Review: I just hate this product

I am surprised by how much I just hate this product. Because I am all into massages and oils. I love how the hands can just slide on my skin and how the pressure is… hmmm… unfolding me, so that I can be present and open. So yummy and delicious.

At least when it is done well, and when all the things are used are enhancing your experience. Because of this, I have a nice collection of everything I need. But I am also always open to experience more and find new things for my collection.

So when I got the Just Play - Lemon Coco Massage Oil, I couldn’t wait to organise a massage night with it.

The design is amazing. Looks modern and a bit minimalist. The 80 ml plastic bottle is not too small or too big. And the mattified finish is not very slippery, so it is stable to hold it even when your hand is slippery. 

The lid is a different, slippery material though. But that was a small detail, I could live with it.

To be honest I didn’t know what to think about the lemon-coconut combination. It can be fine in a pie for me and I love the scent of lemon. Coconut is usually a hit or miss for me. So I was very curious about it. A bit of exotic flavour can do wonders, 

When I smelled it, I found it was ok. Not very good, not very bad either. The consistency is fine too. Not overly thin, and it spreads nicely. 

But what is the problem then, you can ask…

As I purr some on my skin and started to massage it in, the scent totally changed for the worst. It smelled like dishwashing soap. But this is just a subjective thing, and wouldn’t be worthy of writing much about it. (Even though I have to add here that I hated the smell, and it has a massive staying power.)

My main problem is that as I started to massage it in, it absorbed very, very fast. Yes, eventually that is the goal, but a good massage oil is absorbed by rubbing and allows the hands to slide with ease first a bit. But the Just Play - Lemon Coco massage oil is not like it.

I don’t say this lightly. Even if I hate this product I test it over and over again, because I want to be sure that my review is fair and not biased. 

I had the same experience every time. I expect my massage oil to be really rich and to provide ease for the hands for the massage. But I don’t get it from this massage oil. 

From the PlayBlue massage oils I’ve tried so far, my favourite is the Magoon Jasmine. It is so much better than what you would expect from the packaging. It has the perfect richness, staying power, and spreadability… The scent is lovely without being overpowering (but this is the subjective part here). I really recommend it. 

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