Hot toy combinations for penis and anal pleasure

I got a question recently about giving suggestions regarding combined penis stimulation and anal play for a kinky man. Part 1 of my answer is about how to and this post is about recommending concrete toys to use.

There are so many toys that can support your orgasmic expansion, and I can’t mention them all, but I would like to recommend some of them as hot inspiration, because you deserve the best. Let’s see which ones you feel called to try.

Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers are curved so that they can provide firm pressure to stimulate the prostate. The vibrating prostate massagers also vibrate as well. Many of them create a double stimulation vibrating inside and outside the body. 

Divine Touch 

The Divine Touch is one of the best prostate massagers for beginners. It is smaller in size, so it is perfect for beginners. The handle provides optimal control, the texture adds to the stimulation. 


Glamour Glass Curved Big Wand:

This wand is amazing for anal play and prostate massages. It has 2 different sized round heads and its shape helps to provide pressure on the inner or outer prostate points. You can use any lube with it, and you can even warm it up or cool it down beforehand. This toy can be your companion for a lifetime. It is also amazing to massage the outer prostate point with it.

When you use a wand like this, you are going to have at least one hand occupied. 

Ribbed G-Spot / P-Spot Stimulator - Stainless Steel

Steel prostate massagers last a lifetime. They are heavy and definitely have a kinky feel to them as well. The textured body, the shape of the handle are both designed for a stunning experience. 


Liaison - Curve LED Vibrator Silicone & Glass

If you want something vibrating, but still curved, then this vibrator is the one for you. One side is a curved glass dildo, and the other side is a silicone vibrator (a harder silicone), so it is about which side you feel called to use in that exact moment, while the other side of the vibrator provides a good handle.



Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Massager

This is a powerful, vibrating prostate massager that even rotates inside, while vibrating on the outside prostate point generating intense orgasms. It also has a good handle that helps to keep the toy exactly where you want it even when you have lube all over the place.


Of course there is a huge selection of all kinds of prostate massagers, vibrating or not. If vibration is important for you, I recommend choosing a vibrating prostate massager, where you have an inner vibrating spot and the main engine/bullet is not outside of the body, because in that case most of the power will be “lost” outside of the body.

Click here to see all the prostate massagers.


Butt plugs

Butt plugs are very popular choices, and they can give that extra umph during masturbation without much extra attention needed. Wearing them can also be a hot foreplay and a sexy starting point.

I want to add here, that wearing your plugs for more than 50 - 60 minutes at a time can cause damage, also please add plenty of lube not just at the beginning, when you are inserting the plug but also after some time and again when you want to remove the toy, so that you can avoid injuries.

Please don’t use silicone lubes with silicone plugs, stay with a good waterbased lube like: 

Fist It Natural Lubricant

ID Extreme - Supreme Lubricant

Pjur Comfort Glide

Lubido Anal Lubricant


Of course there are so many options that sometimes it can seem overwhelming to choose the right one, which can be different from person to person. The more you are into giving yourself the freedom to explore rather than worrying about making a mistake the more relaxed you feel. It is ok not liking a new feeling, your body can have its own wiring for pleasure, so be curious and open and don’t force yourself to do things your body doesn’t have a yes to.

Let’s see some of the but plugs that maybe you are going to love:



SilexD - Dual Density Silicone Plug

This plug comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large, so that you can find the best one for the job, but what makes it very special is the material. The centre of this butt plug is filled with liquid silicone, and this provides a sensation like if the plug would move with you, while it is very comfortable. At the same time.


Silicone Beaded Diamond Butt Plug 

Some people enjoy the beaded shape more than the sleek one, and if this is true for you you can enjoy the extra movement. So try this plug that provides extra stimulation.


Check out all the different shapes, sizes and materials:


Penis strokers and male masturbators

Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker

The Manta is a powerful stroker, but at the same time, it is super easy to hold it and move it wherever it is giving you the right amount of vibration.



Rebel - Rechargeable Multi - Masturbator

Do you want something that envelops your whole penis so that you can feel the texture? The Rebel - Rechargeable Multi Masturbator can be your favourite toy. It doesn’t “only” vibrate but it has suction functionality as well



Vive - Tani - Finger Motion with Pulse Wave Vibration

Believe it or not, rabbits can be very popular vibrating prostate massagers as well. What makes the Tani a powerful and unique prostate vibrator is the real finger movement inside. 


If it is the feeling of thrusting that you are craving, try one of the rabbits with the ring, like the Rabbit Vibrator with the 3 Moving Ring. It is going to blow your mind.

Making it more kinky 

Chastity cages

What about choosing a chastity cage to feel the restriction on your penis, have a bit of a kinky experience, then you can't touch yourself. You can still play with a vibrating wand or bullet vibrator through the cage. Check the chastity devices here.


Booty Bloom Silicone Anal Plug With Rose

If you are in an extra slutty mood this plug can enhance the feeling even more. The material is very flexible, a bit more on the rubbery side and a long neck allows all kinds of movement while the rose is there in its full red bloom. The shape makes it easy insertable too.


Male Harness With Silicone Anal Plug

This harness is oozing kink with all the black leatherlike straps and metal rings. When you are wearing it it is tight and you definitely would feel it all the time. The added plug is on the medium size and has a very flexible neck, but the part that holds the plug inside is not very comfortable, especially at the beginning where it is not broken in yet. You are free to pleasure your penis anyway you want while wearing this toy. 

Warming lubes

When you add a warming lube to the whole scenario everything becomes even more alive, you are going to feel more, so it can be “just” that extra spice that you need in order to have a different experience that is a bit “more” even without anything else changed.

Click here for the warming lubes


I know that this is a lot to go through, and there is so much more to play with, so start more, let yourself explore every feeling without adding anything new to the scenario. 

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