Yes, it is as powerful as it looks

I saw the Midnight Magic Spiral Twist in the box and I wanted it right away, simple as that. 


It looked so “professional”, like it would be ready to vibrate anytime with all of its power. But its price is suspiciously low. It looks more capable than how much it costs, so I wasn’t as confident in the abilities of this vibrator after seeing that. 

Let’s discuss my experience with the Midnight Magic Spiral Twist

The box is big, but not very heavy. It has the vibrator and the charger and the instructions. I’m happy I read the instructions because it said to charge the toy at least 3 hours before usage, so this is what I did. Without the instructions I wouldn’t have done that.

The material feels soft and smooth, but it is matt and not as shiny as the photos would imply. When I was looking at the photos I wasn’t expecting the shaft to be so flexible. And this is a good thing, I mean I love this material is deliciously good to touch. The spirals give an extra dimension to the feeling. 

The buttons are also good, easy to feel and distinguish. The one on the bottom is to switch the Midnight Magic Spiral Twist on and to navigate between the 3 intensity levels and 12 vibration patterns. There is no up or down option, so if you want to get back to the previous level, you have to go through all of the other settings first.

The button on the top is to boost the intensity right away and it stays this intense until you hold the button and goes back to “normal” level when you let it go. You can repeat this as often as you want. I love this function a lot in other toys as well, so in this one.

When the toy is on, the buttons have a blue light, which is also a sophisticated touch to the Midnight Magic Spiral Twist

This vibrator is very powerful even on the lowest setting, and it is medium quiet. When the boost button is on, the sound is also louder so this is something to consider.

I am personally ok with the size, maybe I would prefer a little bit smaller size a bit more, but this is just coming from my body’s preference. 

I would call this an average size vibrator made from a very pleasant silicon with a lot of power and merits. I personally would pay way more for this vibrator than its price. If I want to be very picky, I would say that a quieter toy and a better battery that doesn’t need 3 hours of charge would make it an amazing toy.

Click here to get the Midnight Magic Spiral Twist.

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