This was the original vibrating pleasure oil

I remember trying my first stimulating oil about a year ago, and it was definitely a hot experience. I have also reviewed the High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil, and that was a very different and super juicy experience. So I decided it was time to experiment a bit with the Oh - Holy Mary Pleasure Oil. According to the box this is the original vibrating pleasure oil. Most stimulating products create a warming or a cooling sensation, but this one is up to creating tingles instead. 



It comes in a green box maybe as a hint about the CBD oil content, which is well known for creating more blood flow and a feeling of aliveness on the skin so usually it is beneficial to add to a pleasure oil.

The oil comes in a very small plastic, spray like container, with a 6 ml content, so it is actually more expensive than the fancy High On Love - Stimulating Orgasm Oil, if you compare the content. 

To be honest I love the small container with a cap, it fits perfectly in a small purse or pocket so it is easy to bring it with me. The design is similar to the box with the big caption so there is nothing private about it.

The pump is really good and convenient, it is easy to aim at the spot you want to rub the oil into and just push once or twice. I prefer twice. It spreads around fast and feels very pleasurable to massage it in. I personally experience a slight warmth as well and some tingles. I only used it on my clitoris, but I could feel it spreading all over my labia and I could feel it even on my vaginal opening. I can imagine that some people are sensitive to this, so please always be very careful when you try a product like this, and only use a small amount for the first time.

I like the tingles ignited, but to me it wasn’t making much of a difference in how much pleasure I experienced. Maybe I orgasmed a little bit faster, but cuming is usually easy for me anyway. 

But the interesting thing is that after my first orgasm the tingles and even the warmth intensified a bit and it took more than an hour for me to slowly “calm” down, and it just got better and better. I definitely had more attention on my pussy even without touching myself, and just enjoying this feeling of aliveness, so I'm not complaining at all. I really like how long the effect lasted and enjoyed the buzz. 

Just like the High On Love, the Oh - Holy Mary has also made me much more juicy as well, it really felt like my pussy being happy and alive.

It smells a little bit lemony, similar to some yoni oils, but I found the taste a bit bitter, I personally wouldn’t use it for oral sex because of this.

There is a warning on the box not to use this oil on sensitive areas, which is kind of confusing, because it is made for sensitive areas. I would rather say, please be careful and use your own discernment.

I have to admit that this little spray is better than I expected, and even now writing about it I have a very satisfied smile on my face.

Click here for the Oh - Holy Mary Pleasure Oil.

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