This toy confuses me every single time

It took me a lot of time and trial and error to review the Skins Rose Buddies - Rose Lix - Silicone Super Tongue. When I read the description stating that this toy mimics the feeling of clitoral play and sensual stroking with unique finger motion I didn’t understand. 

This vibrator has a very agile tongue, and a tongue stimulates the clit differently than a finger does. I have nothing against the finger part, I just couldn’t figure out how a flickering tongue toy is mimicking finger motion?

I know that lots of people love this toy and were raving about it. I also heard that it was very quiet. But my experience was not exactly like this, so I tried it again and again experimenting with it hoping to find what feels so magical about this toy for so many people, and still somehow I can’t put my finger on it.

I have to add here that the Skins Rose Buddies - Rose Lix - Silicone Super Tongue is not my first “tongue like” toy. I have already tried and reviewed the UniHorn, and I really loved it, and it worked amazing for me. 

So I brought the toy home. It is a small box (which I personally like way more than lots of packaging). 

Design and material

The toy really looks like a flower and it fits easily in my hand. It can stand on its own bottom, and stays firmly. It recharges this way too, which I find pretty cool.

The silicone material feels incredibly smooth and it is so nice to touch. The tongue part is flexible but also plump in some way. 

The button to turn the Rose on is on the body. It is “just” one button, and hence it is designed in a way that doesn’t protrude, so it is challenging to find it, especially while I’m using the toy. I hate when in order for a more modern design they don’t even consider a button that can be felt “just” by the hand. (I also think that there are nice looking button options that also can be felt and navigated easily.)

The Rose has a magnetic charger and it also works as a holder, which is cool and also very functional. This also means that I don’t have to wonder about which charger belongs to it.


When I turned the toy on, the tongue had started to flicker very fast. I would call this toy medium quiet only, and as most toys, it is much quieter when it is in contact with the skin. But when there is only air around, I find it less quiet than I like.

The flickering is “just” one way, there is no rotation or changing direction.
What I was really curious about is how the movement feels on the skin. And this is the part that confused me.

I tried it and I found the stimulation to be on the weaker side. It was very pleasurable, but at the same time it just wasn’t enough for me in the long run. It feels nice, but after a while I was craving for my touch or another toy.

Of course I tried it again and again in different directions and applying different pressure. When the tongue is in contact with the skin it slows down a lot because it can’t move as freely. So I experimented with less pressure, so that the limitations would be minimal. This way it feels so delicious, especially when the tongue part is horizontal. At least this is what my body prefers the most. Still when I want to cum, I usually swap to a different toy. 

I personally find that the UniHorn (the other flickering tongue toy) I reviewed is much more satisfying and also quieter. I needed several times to really embrace the Skins Rose Buddies - Rose Lix - Silicone Super Tongue and realise how I can make it work for me, but hence I have plenty of options, that feel way more pleasurable to me, I prefer to choose the over this one. After a month of experimenting I think that the Rose is an Ok toy for me, but I have better options in my pleasure box.

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