This lube is made for oral sex

Lubes are essential, and I love to test as many of them as I can so that I know exactly what to expect from a specific product and being able to choose the best for the task. 

I was extremely curious about the ID 3some Watermelon Natural Lube, because this lube is made for oral sex.

It is only made from glycerine and natural flavour in order to make it safe and yummy for oral sex. 

The ID 3some Watermelon Natural Lube has this fun, easy to use packaging. The lube is transparent and reminds me more of bubble gum than of watermelon, but when I taste it I find it more fruity, but to be honest I couldn’t recognise any exact flavour. I still find it delicious, fresh and uplifting. 

It is in the middle of liquid and thick consistency. It is coming out easy and I can even get just a drop from the bottle when I want. It lands where it is directed to and it stays around there, without spreading it all over the space.

This is a warming lube that is still making me anxious beforehand, but the warming effect is very light. If you didn’t tell me beforehand that it was warming I wouldn’t necessarily realise it. I’m kind of hot anyways. :D 

If you want to use it “just” like a normal lube, then it won’t be as good a premium waterbased lube as the Skins Aqua or the System JO ones. But the ID 3some is really optimised for oral sex, and delivers this perfectly. 

It tastes good, and hence the saliva is activating it continuously. It lasts long and doesn’t become sticky. You can still feel the flavour for a long time, but it also can be washed off easily without any trace. I've really learned to love this lube for all the benefits, and there is nothing negative that I can say about it. If you are using it the way it is supposed to be used it is an amazing lube.

But if you are looking for a universal lube for all kinds of sex, look further, because those lubes are going to feel more slippery and last longer. The ID 3some needs the saliva in order to be the optimal lube.

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