This butt plug feels so natural and flexible

I have to admit I choose butt plugs less often for my self-pleasure seances than a clitoral toy, but when I do… whohooo I’m loving it. The reason is, that I have already had some delicious anal experiences, I have mapped and learned my body and my inner preferences before so my toys feel super pleasurable and satisfying. (But of course this doesn’t mean I know everything so I keep experimenting as well. 🙂)

So a new butt plug is always inspiring and a good reason to play around. I had no idea about what to expect from the SilexD - Dual Density Silicone Plug. The dual density is very different from how the dual density dildos feel. 


Opening the plug and feeling it, was love at first touch. It feels so smooth and somehow very squishy on the inside. The reason is that it is filled with liquid silicon. I’m even considering buying the large one and using it as an anti stress ball. There is something deeply satisfying in this material.

The S size is really ideal for beginners, for introduction, or even for self-pleasure, but you can have a size M or L if you want to go bigger.

The shape is also very interesting. If the classic butt plug and a cone shaped one had a child, it would be like this one. The tip helps to get used to the toy and the squishy material makes insertion a dream come true. It feels amazing.

The part connecting the suction part and the plug is also super flexible and a bit elongated makes the toy comfortable to wear and even to pull it out. The suction cup sticks really well to the surfaces, even though it doesn’t really make much sense to have a suction cup unless someone has a super flat bottom. 

In the past I used some bigger butt plugs in a harness and they worked well. I just find the S size too small for this, but the L can be used better for this purpose.

The pulling out of a butt plug is as important as the insertion. And this is also very easy and pleasurable with this shape and material. The squishiness and the liquid centre allows a much more personal and natural feel for it, so I could avoid any extra tension or bleeding that can happen if this part is not made with caution. And of course adding lube for this action is a must as well.

I am surprised by how much I love the SilexD -  Dual Density Silicone Plug Small. With this material and shape I would be much more confident to use the bigger sizes as well.

And of course whenever you opt for anal pleasure, foreplay and preparation are as important as using lube. I prefer to have an orgasm or 2 before I initiate anal play, because being turned on makes a huge difference in how the butthole responds to stimulation and pleasure.

Click here to get your SilexD - Dual Density Silicone Plug in Small or Medium or Large.

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