Testing the Cotelli Curves Electric Set

Most lingerie companies suck to serve curvy women (also petite women as well). I see their images and I am wondering if they have ever asked a woman with natural features what they think and how they feel about their creations. Because I struggle to believe that they do.

I see the cover images made mostly with models who had plastic surgery or are just naturally firm and weightless looking, who don’t need support, whose breasts are not weighted down by gravity. Don’t even mention that my breasts are escape artists and they are just laughing to see some of the designs. 

Of course being curvy is not “just” about bigger boobs, and in some cases being curvy doesn’t mean having bigger cups as well. I understand the challenges as well. And still I have lots of expectations.

Most of the time I want something that allows me to move freely. I love to feel my breast bouncing a bit and still know they won’t jump all over the place. I prefer bralettes over sculpted bras (I still have some of those and some real waist reducing corsets as well, to be honest), and I found some bralettes that work amazing with my 36 F queens. 

So when I saw the new Cottelli range I was critical, but at the same time intrigued as well. I’m a size 16 mostly, but I had some bad experiences with Cottelli before regarding the size, so I knew that I was not a size L. XL is more the size for me in their range.

I also have to add here, that jewel colours are the ones I feel the most alive in. And especially recently freedom and boldness together are the main drives for me when I choose my new clothing. I’m in a big transition regarding my garderobe. So I chose the Cottelli Curves -  Electric Set for testing


First impressions

The lingerie came in a big box that was huge for this delicate 2 piece set. The bralette and  the open crotch string are very soft to the touch and they look so much better in person than in the photo.

The colour is rich and contains more green than it looks on the cover photo. Some parts of the lace have a beautiful, satin like sheen to them that makes the set look stunning and very eye-catchy. As I move and the light changes the whole colour becomes more dynamic and alive. The lace is flexible to a point, so it provides a little support, but it is comfortable.

The bralette

I was afraid that this part won’t be able to keep my girls in place, especially because there is only a delicate, elastic lace under the “cup” area, but I was wrong. When I got the bralette on, it felt very comfortable and free, still my breasts didn’t slip under the band. (I honestly was worried about this.:D)

As I wrote before the lace is delicate with some stretch, so it gives a little bit of support only, which I don’t mind at all. I love the freedom and natural feeling with just a little bit of lifting. Even though the bra is low cut the elastic straps keep everything safe and secure, which works very well for me.

My shoulders are on the lower side so my bra straps tend to slip so I choose bralettes that are different from the classic bra styles to prevent this from happening. This bralette is perfect in this regard. The straps are held at place by the bridging straps. They are also wide as well, so I don’t have anything to complain about. Hence there is no adjustability There is nothing I could do to change the set up to my liking, but hence it all works, I’m totally fine with it. I love the look and the feel of it, but if you are used to a very structured and sculpted bra this will feel and look different.

There is nothing that keeps the band on the bottom from sliding up, but I have this happening all the time, so I'm totally ok with this too. I have to say, I’m impressed by how this bralette works for my queens, giving me a bold and glamorous look while still making me feel free and safe at the same time. 

The string

I prefer not to wear panties, so I skip whenever I can, and that is also for the feeling of freedom. So a crotchless string seems like a good combination to me. I’m proportionate so sizewise, the XL is perfect for me. It feels soft and comfy. Looks amazing and very inviting. I feel super sexy in it. 

It is a turn on for me when I can feel that my breasts and pussy are “accessible” to be caressed and worshipped. I get this feeling from the Cottelli Curves - Electric Set, and even just thinking about it makes me feel hot and aroused.

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