Review: Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2 Ultimate Butt Plug

I love, love, love anal pleasure. When it is done the right way it has this deep, long lasting relaxed feeling. I have a separate blog post about how to “train” yourself to be more open to backdoor play. Having the right toys helps a lot.

Having the right toys and being able to play with them whenever you want, however you want feels empowering. It is a bit different when you review a toy, because then you really want to explore all of the angles of a toy. You start to be even more aware of even the slightest differences. 

I prepared for the test with some orgasms. So that I would be connected, happy and receptive.

I had my favourite lube around and started to play with my new toy, the Satisfyer Plug-ilicious 2 ultimate vibrating butt plug.

This toy has 2 variations: The Plug-ilicious 1 and 2. The only difference between the two is the shape (oh, and the colour).
Both are made from the same, smooth silicone. Both are waterproof. Both have 2 powerful motors for the vibrations, so that you can feel them all the way in the body. Yummy.
Both are rechargeable with magnetic chargers, so that you can play with them again and again.

Both can be connected to the Satisfyer App via BlueTooth for extra functionality, like managing the vibrations separately, using ambient sound or music to synchronize the vibrations…

But Why:

You know me already. I’m a perfectionist. And I look for the weaknesses of the toys, so as things that could be even better. So here they are:

There is only one button to manage the 2 vibrating motors, so they are going to vibrate at the same intensity/patterns. Except if you use the app. Then you can control them any way you want. But without that, you just have that one button.

I don’t really get the “sharpness” of the shape. Ok, it is not really sharp, but some parts are not really rounded either. And my anus personally doesn’t like this part that much. This is not an issue at the penetration, but at the pulling out part. Here I have some unpleasantness. This is where I need a lot of lube to make everything smoother.

Yes, I don't like the engraved Satisfyer logo as usual, because it is harder to clean it. 

But I love this vibrating butt plug a lot because: 

  • The length is perfect
  • So easy and pleasant to insert it
  • It is very light
  • The vibrations are powerful

It just feels so light, flawless, smooth and at the same time very satisfying. I’m loving it. We have some very good memories already. 

I think the only ones who would not like this vibrating plug are those who are a “heavy anal player”, who go for big sizes, more weight and a very full experience. Everybody else would like the Plug-ilicious.

Click here to get yours.

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