Play the sexy hot and cold game and feel your body shiver with pleasure

Have you ever stopped to enjoy a cool breeze or the warmth of the fireplace sighing with the simple pleasure of the experience?

Why wait for it to happen again, when you can create an indulging, irresistible temperature play for yourself and/or your partner(s). This can be a mind blowing pleasure-journey when it is done right. Especially because temperature play keeps you in your body instead of your head, and this is the most fundamental part for a juicy, deeply fulfilling sex life. 

What do you need for an indulging temperature play?


Your first thought is probably ice cubes. They are perfect to shock the body if they are used strategically and in moderation. You can use different shapes, they don’t need to be cubes. Also, you can use flavours when you make the ice in order to create a more sensual journey. It is so delicious.

Wait for the ice to melt a little bit and use the cold drops to land at all the right places. 

Glass toys

Glass toys can be cooled down or warmed up. You don’t need to use them only for penetration if you don’t want to. Play with the shape, the curves, the texture…

Click here for glass toys.


Toys with heating function

Many modern toys provide some extra heat that you can even turn on before starting to use the toy, so when you are going to feel them they are already nice and warm for you, helping the body to relax and melt into the moment.

Click here for heating toys.

Cooling and warming lubes

These lubes/liquids are created exactly for temperature play, so that you can have extra stimulation. They are going to keep your attention more at the right places.

Waxing candles

Waxing candles are hot, hot, hot. So please don’t use them right after ice cubes, at least not in the same area. The skin needs to be prepared, and good blood circulation established in order to handle this hot temperature without any problem. Please only use special, lower temperature waxing candles that are made for safe temperature play. The “normal” candles that you can buy in any store are way too hot for the skin. 

When you are cautious and play safe, the drops of the hot wax can feel amazing on the skin. You can create patterns and passages as well. 

Click here for waxing candles.


Warm massage oils

Prewarming massage oil feels amazing on the skin. You can drip the oil to one area or you can “just” use your warmed, oil hands to land your partner in heaven. If you use a massage candle, blow it off before you purr the oil on the skin.

Click here for massage oils.


Airflow can be a magnificent sensation. Even “just” blowing or breathing on the skin can feel orgasmic. This is especially true if you already have stimulated the body before. Use a cool blow after a warm sensation or a warm exhale after some cool down and it will feel phenomenal.

A manual or electric fan can also be involved and enjoy the shiver.


Blindfolds can enhance the sensations. When you don’t know what is going to happen the next moment you are present in your body, and your attention is unwavering.

Click here for blindfolds.


Pause between sensations

To know when to stop and have a bit of a break is as important as the active part itself. Let the body breath, the mind to relax, you can even comfort your partner before you initiate the next wave of actions.

Summer is ideal to play with the temperature. Try these tips and create unforgettable memories.

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