Oh Wow, this ring is a vibrating bomb

What do I personally love in a vibrating cock ring?

First of all, powerful vibrations of course. Something that both of us can enjoy.

I want the ring stretchy, so that it can fit comfortably.

I love a ring can reach all the yummy spots

But I'm always open for more. :D



The Screaming-O Double Wammy looks very promising. I love the idea of 2 vibrating bullets instead of one. The material looks stretchy and the nibs (they call them pleasure ticklers)  on the bullets are always good news for me.

Opening the packaging I love the softness of the material. The ring part is very stretchy, but also holds firmly, so I think it won’t be comfortable to somebody with a very thick penis. It weighs less than I expected, but it is still something to consider.

The 2 vibrating bullets are removable and have 1 button that turns the motors on and on. They only have 1 speed, so the motors react fast. 

I was aware that this ring is battery operated, and there were batteries in the packaging. However, opening it, I realised that there are already batteries in the bullets as well, so the Double Wammy comes with 2 full sets of batteries.

The bullets are removable so you can swap them or use them separately if you want, but the jelly like material is not very sturdy, so the more you take the bullets out and put them back in, the more you risk tearing the sleeve.

My favourite thing about the 2 bullets is that upon changing direction/position I don’t have to turn the ring, hence there is vibration on both sizes. I always appreciate more freedom.



Strong vibration

Pleasure ticklers

2 sets of batteries

Jelly like material

Easy navigation

Removable bullets


The ring part is on the smaller side

It can feel heavy to beginners

It is going to tear after some time

Click her for the Screaming-O Double Wammy

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