My first rodeo with Nuru gel

Sensual massages make me feel like I’m in heaven. I’m super picky about who I let touch me and how and what can be done. I’ve even created my own personal favourite method to enjoy every second of it to the maximum. Still I haven’t tried Nuru gel beforehand.


The Exotiq Nuru Gel looks modern and luscious. The bottle is a big, 500 ml one. Some Nuru gels are concentrated, but not this one. The gel means that it is less messy than an oil, but at the same time you also have to use way more of it for the best result. Because of the size and the cap this is not really a travel friendly option, it is made for free play without a worry.

Most people use Nuru gel for body to body glide but it is really amazing for sensual massages or gliding freely on a vinyl sheet as well without making any mess. The gel is transparent and thick. It has a slight sweet scent like some lubes, and it kinda feels like lube on the skin. It spreads beautifully. Feels a bit different from massage oils. It is a bit thicker and feels a bit colder. I personally wouldn’t warm this gel up, while I love a warm massage oil a lot.

After some time and massaging the gel is absorbed into the skin. It is not sticky, it just feels “normal skin”. Adding some moisture again revives the nuru gel again, just like some lubes do. When the gel is on wet skin it feels so much more slippery, that I really enjoy being on both sides of the massage: the giver and the receiver as well, because of the ease I feel massaging it in.

I have to add here though that you need to use the nuru gel abundantly in order for it to work. When I added just a little (as much as I usually use from a massage oil), it just absorbed into my skin very fast, so you have to use more for the desired glide and/or apply it to wet skin.

After the massage my skin feels hydrated but not super moisturised. I can dress up without worrying about staining my clothes. It is safe in this way.

In general I’m very happy with the nuru gel, and it is a nice add-on to my massage oil collection. I especially like to use it in warm weather when the coolness feels even nicer.

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