Luscious & delicious chocolate to indulge the senses

I have had unforgettable, sensual pleasure plays with food beforehand, and I’m a huge fan of them. I’ve done workshops with playing with fruits, giving and receiving milk & honey breast massages, and self-pleasuring with whipped cream and chocolate… So you can see that it is something I enjoy. Still I haven’t been indulging in it for a while now. It was time.

And of course I can “just” buy some fruit and enjoy them the way I want, but having a luscious, dark chocolate body paint is super inspiring. I could feel my inner sensual purring with delight even just thinking about it.

So I chose the High On Love Dark Chocolate Body Paint in its designer packaging and couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy it. 



It comes in a nice box, looks very modern and inviting. The packaging is heavy which also feels substantial in a way. Nice to hold. There is a heart shaped glass and a brush in the box, that makes you want to use it right away. The brush looks a bit like a calligraphy brush, which has made me feel artsy right away, and it even has a protective cap over the hairs.

So far so good, right?

It has a metal cap and a stopper to avoid any accidents. I kept the stopper and put it back after every use to reserve all the essence left in the bottle. When I removed the stopper I found another plastic lid that has a smaller opening, so I can’t dip the brush totally in the chocolate body paint, just the tip, I can also safely drip the paint from the heart with it. It is a very well-thought design. 

The chocolate paint is closer to a liquid than a cream. When I drip from the bottle it comes in dark, full drops, and these drops stay quite well, where they land, however it is easy to rub them. Rather I prefer a niece and more under control play or a bit more messy I can make both happen.

The High On Love brand uses premium grade cannabis oil as a base for all of their products and I’m not a big fan of it, so I was afraid if I would like the taste or not. 

So my next step was to try it.

It looks dark and chocolate, it smells like chocolate and it also tastes like decadent, dark chocolate without any aftertaste. It is delicious and rich. 

When I use the brush, the paint stays well at the end without dripping everywhere. The hairs feel amazing on the skin or on the lips, but I couldn’t really draw with it much in detail, just some simple strokes, because the brush can’t contain much paint all at once. I wish this could be more, so I don’t need to plunge into the “ink” that much again and again. 

Choosing the dripping option from the bottle the drops of chocolate are round and rich but I wish I would be able to have a bit faster “flow” instead of the occasional drips.

The High On Love - Dark Chocolate Paint is a luscious and decadent add on to my pleasure box, that inspires me to play more in a sensual way including some juicy fruits as well. I’m loving it. The 100 mil gives me a lot of delicious time to indulge myself.

Click here to get yours.

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