Is this an orgasmic experience?

I'm so much into experimenting in sex, especially with orgasms. It is as exciting as scary at the same time. 

So receiving the Just Play Orgasm Clit Drops Arousal Serum was really juicy news.

If you are stuck at the scary part, let me tell you the reason for that.

All the orgasm enhancing drops/liquids/creams create more sensitivity. And I’m already very sensitive. Actually I worked hard for the most part of my sensitivity. So I tend to protect it.

But I'm a curious person, so of course I was pretty motivated to try it.

I remember the times when I struggled with orgasms. I so wished for a product that promises me to have orgasms with ease and become more sensitive. Now I have the ease, the orgasms and the sensitivity, so I can “Just Play” with the sensations.

How do the orgasm enhancing creams/liquids work?

Most of these products use some mint oil as a base. Why? Because they create more blood flow on the sensitive area of the clitoris, which also enlarges as a response to it and the voila, the clitoris is aroused and more orgasmic.

At least in theory. So let’s see what happened when I tried the Just Play - Orgasm Clit Drops.

The liquid is in a transparent, glass container with a dropper. It even has a child-protective cup which makes it harder to get into the juice. :D 

The dropper works well, and the liquid is very runny, and it is easy to drip it where you want it to land.

I decided to test it first on my nipples to check if I'm overly sensitive to it. It helped to make my nipples harder, but other than that I hadn’t felt anything extra there.

It was time to see how it is going to work on my clitoris. I targeted my clitoris and the minty liquid landed on it and then travelled further down.

I felt the whole area warming up. I experienced the most intense heat at the base of my labia. I found it a bit too intense there, so later I always tried to drip the liquid more focusing on the clitoris, and not let it pass more down.

My clitoris didn’t feel as hot as my labia, but as I was rubbing the drops in I could feel everything plumping more up and becoming more sensitive. 

I have to add here that rubbing the liquid into the skin is important if you want to feel the results. When I “just” dropped the essence on my clit the effect was super mild, so it needed some tender, loving care in order to really get the arousing action.

But when I worked the liquid in, I could easily enjoy the aroused clitoris effect.

I am orgasmic now anyway, so I had my orgasms. In my experience if you can orgasm “just” you feel that you take too long or you need extra stimulation to get your climax, then these drops can help you.

They can also help you to climax if you are too much in your head, because the extra sensations help you to focus more on the area and stay more present. 

I have to add here that in my case the effect lasted about 10 minutes. I mean I still had  a much plumper and aroused clitoris after 10 minutes, but it didn’t feel extra sensitive anymore. When I added another dose again, the whole effect started all over again.

What is too much or not enough for you can be different from person to person, so I’m encouraging you to experiment and check for your sweet spots. (But I would also recommend to “only” focus it on the clitoris only and not the labia and the vagina.)

If you find that it is too intensive for you, wash it off, and know that it will subside quite soon.

It smells minty and the taste is minty too (not like a toothpaste, but like mint tea).

Click here to get yours.

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