I’ve tried America’s No1 selling waterbased lube, and this is what I found

I’m a curious person and a triple Virgo, so I find testing products and sharing my opinion deeply and effectively satisfying at the same time.

I’m especially curious about waterbased lubes, hence they are essential, that everybody should have. 

This review is about the ID Glide Lube that is the No1 selling waterbased lube in America.

The photo of the lube is not really how the product looks. The packaging is actually very modern and the light blue tint makes it look even cooler. There is a flip at the top of the lid that makes it easy and clean to dispense the amount of lube that I want. There is no travel lock though.

There are 3 sizes and mine was the 65 ml, the smallest that fits in my palms perfectly. I was able to get even just a drop of lube easily, and the consistency was very thick. That drop stayed exactly where I put it without starting to move all over the place.

It doesn’t really smell like anything, so there is no extra scent added. The taste is similar to other lubes, it is very slightly sweet without being dominant, and there is no aftertaste left.

This is a hypoallergenic lube, but there is glycerine in the lube (so if you are sensitive to glycerine then maybe check out the Swiss Navy All Natural Lube instead).

Under the name there is the statement that this lube is Natural Feel, and I can also say that this is true. It feels very natural just like the body’s fluids, so it is not overly slippery either. I felt very much in control, because the lube really was where I wanted it to be, but of course as I’ve started to rub in, it was gliding nicely.

After some time (about 10 minutes) I’ve started to feel that I don’t have as much lube as at the beginning, almost like if my body absorbed some of the lube. It wasn’t sticky as some waterbased lube, and lasted much longer than most generic lubes. 

When I felt that I needed some more lube I added a bit again, and this was the time when it felt a bit sticky. But when I added some saliva or water that really made the lube revive and slippery again.

What worked the best for me was to first adding the lube, when I felt I needed to reapply I added water or saliva, and after a while when I felt that I needed more lube again I added some lube.

I find the ID Glide Lube pretty decent, but the ID Xtreme is just so much longer lasting, that I used that much more frequently when I wanted to play longer. The consistency, the taste are very similar, but the ingredients list of the ID Extreme is not as clean as the ID Glide.

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