I had mixed experiences with this sex ramp

When it is about sex I’m a practical hedonist. I welcome everything that is making my sex life easier and more fulfilling. So of course I wanted to try the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master. Funnily enough I don’t “only” use it in my bedroom but I can find other ways for utilising it too.

But let’s start at the beginning.

It all comes in a box, wrapped in plastic. There is no pump in there, so you have to use your own resources. I find it too challenging to use oral labour, but I have a pump from a blow up doll box that works just fine with it. Hence it is inflatable, I have control over how soft or hard I want mine, and I chose medium.

The seal valve doesn’t retract into the wedge, it stays out which makes it more vulnerable to surprising opening because of intense inner pressure. So far it hasn’t happened, but I think it can.

I have to add here that the ramp stunk very bad (like chemical glue) and before using it I needed time to air it out.

The size is perfect. It is easy to pack when it is not inflated, and just blow it up when it is needed. It is really lightweight too. The pack also contains glue and a patch for later repair which is really thoughtful. 

The surface is covered with a thin, velvety layer that makes it feel better on the skin, but it is still waterproof. To be honest I would prefer a thicker layer of the velvety stuff. The handles are simple and easy to grab and hold, so this is a good part, and they can also be used with cuffs.

On the other hand the edges of the ramp are on the sharper side, and that is hard to forgive, so from time to time I just felt the pain from scratching which is not what I want when I'm in “receiving pleasure mode”.

As a squirter I really need something that can’t be damaged by liquid and this is absolutely the case. Still I decided to cover it with a towel while I'm using it (not just because of the sharper edges but also when I'm on my back while my pelvis is higher the liquid will flow under my back. It is better to have something that is absorbing most of the liquid.

In general I find this wedge pretty useful and since I'm having it, I’ve been happily experimenting with more poses than before. I especially love kneeling on it, while my hips are even more hmmm exposed.

This is why I have mixed feelings. I find the Fetish Fantasy Series Inflatable Position Master useful and inspiring and it is really good to have, but on the other hand I feel like I would love a better option, that is softer without sharp edges.

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