What's wrong with this vibrator?

I know, I know I shouldn’t expect too much, but I have to say that I won’t lower my standards especially when a brand has already created 2 of my favourite rabbit vibrators so far. Sometimes I wonder how much research a sex toy company does before creating a new vibrator especially about testing rabbits with different anatomies. (Because I think this is the missing link.) 

I can imagine that this vibrator works wonders for lots of women, whose bodies are different (their clitoris and vaginal opening are much closer together, than mine). So if this rabbit works for their anatomy it can ignite lots of orgasms. 


Look and buttons

At first glance the Vive - Tani is a beautiful, well proportioned rabbit made of . There is a bit of texture on the head to provide more stimulation. I would call this a medium size toy with the usual Vive control panel, so there is an On/Off button in the middle, which is especially useful, so that I don’t have to switch all of the functions one by one. 

It has 3 separate buttons for control. One for the pulse wave, one for the shaft vibrations and the 3rd is for the finger motion. I really love that I have the choice to “just” use the finger motion without any other vibration, because my G-spot prefers pressure without vibrations the most and my orgasms are more intense this way. The climax butter works like on all of the Vive vibrators, pressing it will turn everything on the highest setting and pressing again will go back to the program beforehand, which makes it perfect for edging and play, hence you can change all the stimulation with one press of a button. 


The quietness/noise level depends on what function you choose. Vibrations are on the quiet side. The pulse wave plate and the finger motion shaft are the loudest, so if you plan to use these, it won’t be silent and discrete (Probably you won’t be either :D) In its description it says that this is a quiet toy. I don’t agree with this.


Pulse wave plate

The finger motion shaft is so good, but the pulse wave plate is totally unusable for me. For those who don’t know what a pulse wave pate is, it is a ball under the silicone that moves forward and backward (sometimes it is also called knocking) at a very fast pace creating a lot of intense stimulation and pressure. 

I have already had a Vive vibrator with a pulse wave plate: the Vive Kyra. And I love the Kyra and the pulsing part makes me cum fast and strong with all the intensity, So when I saw the Vive Tani with the pulse wave I was thinking about the intense orgasms I already had with the Kyra. In my head because of my pleasure optimising mind I already added the G-spot orgasms. It seems that it has to be another vibrator to fulfil that need of mine.

After some play I decided it is time to get the Vive Tani work and to my surprise it didn’t fit right. Whatever I did the pulse plate didn’t reach my clitoris. This part is not flexible at all and the angle of the shaft and the plate part is very narrow, while the pulsing part is on the ⅔ of this little part, so there is not much flexibility to fit it better. No matter what I tried it just didn't work. I’m quite sure that this will be the case for so many others.

When I checked the difference between the Vive that worked for me and the Tani that didn’t I realised that the pulse plate of the Kyra is longer, the angle provides more freedom, while the ball is also closer to the top, so it was perfect for me (and probably most). 

I wish the Vive Tani would have the same pulse plate than the Kyra, but it doesn't. 


Finger Motion shaft

This is the part that I love the most in this toy. The finger motion ignites intense pleasure in my vagina right away, and it can go very fast. The 3 ridges also add a bit of extra yumminess to the experience. The shaft works well “only” with vibration, but I prefer the motion way more. I could use both at the same time, but the fingering on its own is more my thing. 

When the finger motion is on, the whole rabbit moves, which means that the pulse plate also moves, so I get some extra stimulation from this part if I want, that is coming from the motion not from the pulse way, but I’m not complaining about this. It is a nice add on for me. If I didn’t want this “extra” I could just pull it out a little and it is sorted. So the fingering option definitely worth all the other

I find the Vive Tani to be a very promising rabbit, that will be the favourite for lots of women, but probably won’t work for others just like me. I just want to add here that Vive is a progressive brand with lots of unique toys, new features and intense vibrations, it is worth checking them out. I just wish they would consider more body types.

Click here to get the Vive Tani - Finger Motion with Pulse Wave Vibrator.

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