Finally a smart toy perfect for relaxation and pleasure as well

The Belou toys I have seen so far have been very unique and different from all the other toys on the market. They are very sensual and not necessarily orgasm focused, but more pleasure focused. I don’t mean that you can’t cum with them, but what I'm saying is that you can have more than “just” orgasms. At least this is how I think about them.

When I laid my eyes on the Belou - Rotating Vulva Massager I was intrigued. It looked gorgeous and I love vulva massages, so I couldn’t wait to finally hm… have an experience with it. 



The box made me even more intrigued. This massager has a circle with beads that can rotate in both directions while there is a big, vibrating sphere in the middle of it. The box recommends trying the toy for foreplay at different parts as well. 

But let’s talk about the real experience and not about what the marketing wants to sell.

What is in the Belou - Rotating Vulva Massager box?

The box is nice and organised containing a toy bag (which should be essential in all toy boxes in my opinion) and the branded charger. I am someone who has several rechargeable vibrators/massagers, and knowing which charger is for which toy is challenging. Here this is sorted for me and with the added toybag it is exactly what I need to keep my treasure nice and ready. 


How is the massager?

The massager itself is stunning and it fits in my hand perfectly. I have relatively small hands but I can also tell that it is going to work even with larger hands. There is a “ring” that makes holding the toy in position easy and effortless. 

The upper part of the toy is a harder, good quality material with gold details. The massager part itself is covered with a soft and smooth silicone that feels amazing on my body.



What about the buttons?

The buttons are in the right place and they are distinguishable even without seeing them. The middle button is the main standby/off one and the button on the left with the circle is for the rotating massager ring, the button on the right with the dot on is for the vibrating sphere.
The massaging circle has 3 intensities and they can rotate clockwise/counterclockwise or change directions periodically. The vibrations can be controlled separately and have the usual 10 options.

How is the Belou Rotating Vulva Massager in action?

When switched on the rotating ring is quiet, so is the vibrating sphere, but when I’m using them together they are noisier. I personally prefer the massage functions the most, secondly the massage and vibrations together and hardly ever use “just” the vibrations.


This massager has enriched my solo foreplay. I love using it at many places. It helps me to relax my jaw when I feel tense. It awakens my lips and chest, soothes the stiffness in my neck, makes love to my belly and inner thighs, and yes, it feels wonderful on my vulva.

Sometimes I wish the rotating part and especially the beads would more protrude from the body of the massager, and the same for the sphere as well. More contrast would make it an even better toy for me.

I think that if you are used to intense, focused vibrations to cum, like a bullet for example, then maybe this massager won’t make you cum. It just doesn’t have enough strength and depth for that. It is very pleasurable and helps to relax but sometimes I wish it could be more contact and more depth for that too. 

I still love using it and it has become one of my favourites, and I definitely spend more time enjoying my foreplay.

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