Deep vibration and a silky smooth body, but there is a problem

It is so vivid and nice and silky to touch. The Limited Addiction Psyche Power Vibe Rainbow is a powerful little bullet that is a little rocket to heaven. I apologise for sounding cheesy, but this is exactly what I’m thinking, even though it is not all rainbows and butterflies, so let me explain further.

I was intrigued from the moment I saw this little vibe. I loved the colourful, psychedelic outlay, but that is just for my eyes, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a vibrator I would like.


Then I touched it. The body is hard but it is covered with a very smooth material and the edges are nicely curved, so it creates just the right kind of stimulation. At the same time the top is tilted and shaped, so that I can have a lot of options to use it the way that feels more pleasurable to me.

I can use just the tip and keep it at one special spot. Or I can tilt it in an angle and  the different sides will create a different sensation. I can even “just” have the long side, and enjoy the deep vibrations… I love having options.

There are 2 buttons at the bottom. A + and a -. In theory this is a good idea, but in practice I found it rather terrible, especially because the 2 buttons help to navigate between the 10 functions, and there are no intensity changes within the patterns, other than the 5 speeds and 5 functions. 

But because of the 2 buttons, the buttons are small, and it is hard to navigate them, especially when I don't see the bottom of the toy, so I don’t even have any idea of where exactly they are. I learned so far that the plus is at the longer side and the minus is at the shorter. Still I have to remember this when I'm in my pleasure. I have to keep the small + button pressed long to turn the toy on and the - to turn it off. It takes time to switch the vibrator off, and I have struggled sometimes to turn the toy off.

Let’s talk about the best part, which is the vibrations. Different vibrating toys provide different kinds of vibrations. I’m not talking about the patterns, speeds and functions here which are quite similar in all toys, but about how the vibrations feel to the body. Some vibrators are wired for a higher frequency and some to a deeper one. This bullet is really deep. Not “just” strong and penetrating further, but also the frequency feels deeper too. 

The noise level is ok. It is closer to quiet than loud, but it is not the quietest one of my bullets. 

The Limited Addiction Psyche Power Vibe Rainbow is rechargeable. The magnetic charger is a really good quality one, so this part is a real plus.

It is an IPX7 Waterproof toy, so it is submersible enough to safely use it in the shower or in the tub for about 30 minutes.

If the buttons weren’t challenging to handle I would love the Limited Addiction Psyche Power Vibe Rainbow even more, but even this way it is a pretty good vibrating bullet.

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