A serious flogger that makes me want to use it

I have a thing for floggers. This doesn't mean I’m good at using them though. I even went to a full day flogging workshop once, but what can I say I still have a lot to work on in order to feel I’m good at flogging and of course I need even more practice to work on my aim. I have to add here that small floggers don’t really do much to me. In this case size matters, I want a big one, so I decided to get the Zado - Steel Handle Leather Flogger the second I felt in my hand for the first time.


This flogger has weight which means that if you plan a long flogging session you need to reserve your strength and be strategic. This is not my thing. I prefer to do more things and have variation, it is a different kind of play. 

The metal handle is heavy and has a leather loop added in order to help you hold the flogger. I personally would prefer this flogger without the loop. The handle is long and I have quite small hands, so it feels even better in my hand. I love how cold the metal is at first touch and becomes warmer with time. 

The straps are long and have this dual quality. One side is the leather side and the other is some kind of a velvety material, and I have mixed feelings about this. First the velvety side feels amazing and provides extra sensation, which can feel amazing when the flogger is used for some sensual play and strokes. On the other hand it is harder to clean the flogger and keep it hygienic. 

Hence this flogger is longer aiming well is even more important. Also you are going to need way more space in order to use it, so be wary about all of your surroundings. Practising is essential and you need to feel this flogger before using it with somebody else. I accidentally hit myself a lot. The end of the straps are triangular, which makes the impact of the lashes even more powerful. 

I just feel so inspired and driven to use it, play with it and just to be mean and feel powerful a bit.

Click here for the Zado - Steel Handle Leather Flogger

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