Reviews as Meaningless

Reviews as Meaningless might seem like a strange thing to say from a company that actively seeks reviews and has a 4.5 Star rating on TrustPilot. But if there is one thing you can bank on with PlayBlue it's we are honest.

Most people who make purchases online look at reviews, read the consensus and make an informed purchase decision. Sounds logical and obvious.

Fake Review

Let me tell you it is 99% nonsense. The messing that goes on collecting reviews is an eye-opener. The majority of reviews are either made up, scraped from another website or paid for. This is true for all the big websites from Amazon all the way down to the smallest store. 

It gets worse, you then get blackmailed with reviews all the time. Customers will leave a 1 star review and then contact you and say they’ll delete it if you give them either a refund on the order or a free gift. I don’t want to encourage the behaviour but next time you get a crap product from Amazon, place an honest negative review and see the messages you get with offers if you delete the review. 

Lastly there are a ton of services out there to get paid for reviews that will say anything you want for a small fee. 

A few years ago reviews had value but now my advice is take nearly everything you read as a review with a huge pinch of salt as I can guarantee you on 99% of websites with more then a few reviews the majority of them are faked or stolen.

Even the services that purport to be independent review agencies like TrustPilot (which we have an account with) will let you in effect cherry pick and block negative reviews but only if you pay them. This all means that reviews are hard to trust and companies with less morals and more money can just buy their positive reviews.

We have been collecting reviews from customers for over 10 years and publish the vast majority including the negative ones. Some we filter out if they have personal details or are vulgar or if its a product review and they end up talking about shipping. We have also been collecting TrustPilot reviews for about 5 years. We don’t pay them so this is totally out of our control and we get competitors reviewing and we get spammed and abused often. But even with this the vast majority of reviews we get are positive and we try to respond to every single one -. Look for yourself here.

We try our best to be clear, fair and honest in dealings with customers. We publish real product videos so you can see exactly what the products are really like and display the independent reviews on the product page too. We also have our in-house expert testing and reviewing products and they don’t all get 5 stars let me tell you, Viktoria is black and white about products which is great.

Look the important thing here is that you get a great sex toy that is perfect for you making you a happy loyal customer. This is honestly where we want to be, we are not interested in making a fast buck because that is the fast-lane to bankruptcy. We are delighted to get honest reviews positive or negative and I hope we have the self awareness to look at ourselves and improve based on the honest fair feedback we get.

Of course if you want to leave us a review you can leave product reviews on the product pages which each have a review tab. Of our overall service review on TrustPilot.

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