PlayBlue Will NOT Screw You

Everywhere seems to be getting dearer, I paid €8 for a bowl of soup in a pub in Kilkenny yesterday, it wasn't lobster soup and it wasn't fine dining, it was a bean and veg soup served in a pub in Kilkenny. It was nice I'm not saying it wasn't but €8??? and let’s not talk about the price of Diesel.

This inflation is hitting every person and business in the country but at PlayBlue we are holding firm. Our pricing is different to most, we just want to make our margin and keep our customers satisfied. Our number one goal is to NOT screw our customers, if there is any screwing to be done it won’t be by us.

We are lucky in that our size lets us get our products a little cheaper than anyone else in Ireland and we always pass on all the savings to our customers. I spend half the year arguing with suppliers about deliveries and prices to ensure we can offer our customers the latest products at the lowest prices. 

Of course our prices remaining the same is not going to make everything alright and we understand that the struggle is real for everyone out there, but it is nice to know you can still get a sexy little weekend treat to bring a some bedroom joy for just a couple of euro isn't it?

Cost of Living

We haven’t changed our shipping prices since we opened almost 11 years ago and we ignore demand when it comes to pricing, if something is hot and selling by the box load, great but you can be assured we won’t try to price gouge anyone.

We also of course still have our Price Guarantee where if you spot the same product available in Ireland for Cheaper we will at least price match it and if it is after purchase we will refund the difference no quibbles. But to be honest I’m struggling to remember the last time anyone actually claimed it as we are the cheapest and best in Ireland and that is where we intend to stay.

Look I’ve no crystal ball I do not know where inflation is going or if Russia will invade Ukraine or if Boris Johnson will blow up Brexit or if COVID comes roaring back or if or if or if… But I believe being straight and honest with customers on our pricing is always right and hopefully means you can trust that we will always try to keep prices as fair as possible.

Now go buy a shitload of loo roll and pasta before it goes to a mad price!

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