PlayBlue Videos - Our Honesty makes us unique

We are a little different to most online stores I think we just think differently. The one thing about our store that is unique is that we are honest or try to be in everything. We are no pushovers but believe that we should all just try to be fair and honest in all dealings. A perfect example of this is our PlayBlue Videos 

I love making the PlayBlue videos and often joke that I probably have the most watched hands in Ireland. We have now over 1100 product videos. We initially started these to help online customers know exactly how big a 9” Dildo actually was in an effort to reduce returns. We then started shooting product videos to help with charging and batteries again to help customers and reduce returns. Until we have progressed now to shooting videos for nearly every product we get in.


Our customers seem to love them and we always try to be honest. If I don’t like something I will say it on the video. I’m never rude or overly critical but I’m just honest. These are nearly always shot in 1 take (unless I make a balls of it) and with no editing and are about 2-3 mins long on average. I do this to make them more real. I don't want these videos to be marketing videos. I want to show exactly what the product and packaging really is with no smoke and mirrors. I actually shoot the videos on my mobile phone, no big fancy gear. Again we want it to be a real honest representation of the products.

I’m trying to mimic the action a customer might like to take if they could pick up the sex toys before purchase. In the videos first I usually show the packaging then I maul the sex toy discussing how firm it is or its textures or flexibility. The I show how to charge it or change the batteries. I work through how to use it usually with a few opinions thrown in and finally I usually measure it with a ruler.

We place the product videos directly on the product pages so you can see the sex toys exactly as they actually are before purchase. I find it funny as on some products we have a manufacturers marketing video and our PlayBlue video on the sex toy product page and I love how different they sometimes look. A real case of perception versus reality.

We have found they really help with returns and reducing support needs as customers can see exactly how to charge and use them from the product pages themselves. We actually even use these videos in-store to show customers how the products work. As you can imagine shooting all these is time consuming but we are getting there with nearly all the bestsellers and latest products done. Our plan is to never stop making these PlayBlue Videos, now all we need is someone with prettier hands.

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