PlayBlue Top 5 - Male Masturbators

Say Male Masturbator and you might think Fleshlight or like conservative Ireland you stick your fingers in your ears and go La La La.. until I stop.

At PlayBlue we think it is crazy that there is any stigma around male masturbators, EVERY single man masturbates and I’m including the Pope, the Taoiseach, your Dad... this is getting uncomfortable, but you get the picture.

Everyone masturbates so why 50% of the population can discuss and purchase masturbatory aids like grown-up mature people and the other 50% are forbidden from ever mentioning them or admitting to even knowing they exist, this is stupid.

So let’s assume we get past the awkward bit and now you want to get a male masturbator - ok but which one should I get, that’s where PlayBlue can help. 

This is a list of our absolute favourite male masturbators. We’ve not just gone for the dearest we have taken features, experience, price and packaging into account to give you what we believe are the Top 5 Male Masturbators on the market at the moment.

Satisfyer Men Classic Luxury Masturbator - €29.95

Satisfyer Classic Male MasturbatorThis is one of the best masturbators we’ve ever tried. This is a full size 12” Cyberskin masturbator with everything you could hope for, Cyberskin Silicone, Waterproof with the added pressure plates to allow you to control the sensations. This is easily a match for any masturbator on the market including Fleshlight and to be on sale for only €29.95 is crazy.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU) - €69.95

Fleshlight Stamina Training UnitFleshlight effectively invented the category and know a thing or two about making incredible male masturbators. This is our best selling Fleshlight by far and we love it. All the build quality and incredible Cyberskin that Fleshlight invented, through to the unique ribbed sensations on the STU, not the cheapest but this is definitely a masturbator in the conversation to be considered one of the best.

Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews - €53.95

Main Squeeze MasturbatorThis Doc Johnson’s take on a Fleshlight and they do a wonderful job. Modelled on one of the world’s most famous pornstars this masturbator is a fantasy in your hand. Incredible Ultraskyn ribbed stroker with pressure plates to allow total control. The Main Squeeze range is definitely a worthy addition to any climax.

AutoBlow 2+XT Blow Job Machine - €159.95

AutoBlow Blowjob MachineThis is an incredible hands-free masturbator that attempts to stimulate the feel of a blow job. Not sure about the blow job claim but the Fanta Flesh stroker is powered by an incredible motor to end is amazing orgasms. This is not cheap but is an great experience and with the build quality and enjoyment you get, it is hard not to include it on our list of favourite male masturbators.

Satisfyer Men Vibration & Heat - €49.95

Satisfyer Heat & Vibration

Something a little different and is a totally unique experience to the rest of the masturbators on this list. This is a penis glans vibrator with a heating function for a mind blowing orgasm. Use plenty of lube and relax no frantic stroking, it can even be used hands-free. Satisfyer again don’t disappoint with incredible build quality and features at a ridiculously low price. Experience the slow build sensations of penis glans massage and you will understand why this needs to be on our list.

Don’t agree? Maybe your favourite is not on the list. We could easily add another five to this list. But I think we have something for everyone here, Incredible masturbators on a low price like the Satisfyers to the hands-free head back luxury of the Autoblow to the original of them all the Fleshlight and it’s Main Squeeze competitors. 

Gentlemen Choose your Weapon!

Disclaimer:- This blog post was written in August 2020 and obviously in the future there might be other male masturbators that should make this list and of course prices may change.

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