PlayBlue Bundles

We have started a new idea at PlayBlue called Bundles. The idea is we take a few products and bundle them together with a discount to make a packaged product offering for our customers. Ok I know it is hardly a world changing revolution but it is an idea that will help customers to experience the best of certain products.

Product Bundles

The classic bundle is the first one we have created called the Fleshlight Complete Bundle. You see you might fancy a Fleshlight and do a little search and find the one you want (it’s the STU trust me) and buy it. Anticipation dances around you all night and the following morning you pretend to be having breakfast watching morning TV when in fact you are glued to the road waiting for the courier. Finally at 10am the courier takes all fucking day to walk up the driveway and hands you your order. Door slams and you bound up stairs too excited to think, you rip it open run and and and … fuck it forgot the lube!

Or you remember the lube and last about 30 seconds collapsing afterwards panting. Finally you wash it out leave it dry and after a couple of uses (that day!!! lol) you notice the SuperSkin is beginning to crack or harden … fuck it I should have gotten renewal powder.

OK assume you remembered the renewal powder so all is good. You love your Fleshlight and can’t get enough. Then you see an online video of it being used in the shower handsfree and think that would be epic but how do I stick it to the shower wall?  Fuck it I should have gotten a shower mount.

See how, especially for beginners, having a discounted bundle with everything you might need can be really a good idea. It means you will get the best possible experience from your purchase. The bundles will generally be an online only option because of stocking issues. In PlayBlue Cork we might not always have all the elements of each bundle and we also make up the product bundles as we are packing the orders.

Our plan is to develop a few different bundles which we think will especially appeal around Valentine’s and Christmas and especially for beginners. If you have any suggestions for bundles please email us, we’d love to read them. All our bundles will have an included discount on the full retail price to make them even more attractive.

The first bundle the Fleshlight Complete pack retails individually for €126.80 but bought as a bundle we sell it for €109 (price correct as of August 2023)

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