Perfect Couples Christmas Sex Toy

Christmas present buying for a couple in a sex shop takes a bit of planning. Always talk about it first and have an idea what you are looking for. At PlayBlue we have staff and online resources to help and please don’t be afraid to ask that is literally what we are here for.

But at the end of the day what is the best couples Christmas sex toy. My answer is always the Doxy Original. First off it can be used as a massage tool to relieve stress and aches and works brilliantly well. This was what it was originally designed to do and having for this reason alone is wonderful.

Christmas Couples Toys

But of course you might want to try using your Doxy on more intimate areas. You need to get away from the idea that a Doxy is a clitoral massage tool, no it is a powerful vibration wand that can apply deep throbbing vibrations to any part of your bodies. Perfect for foreplay and exploration the Doxy applied will instantly wakeup your senses. 

Totally versatile and it never dies. I actually have a Doxy that is about 6 years old now and it still works magic. Some customers also see it as a female centric toy and of course caresses on the nipples, bum, inner thigh, clitoris etc are incredible. Then men also have nipples, bum, inner thigh, perineum, balls, penis or anywhere else you want to play. 

During sex too it can be used to really blow the doors off. Applied to the clitoris or balls during sex it might just cut the action short as you will never last.

It is a little bulky and is not the quietest sex toy you will ever use but will you ever have a more versatile sex toy I doubt it. I also love that it is plug in as it gives a constant power and you never need to worry about charging it or batteries.

If you want one I wouldn’t hang around as we always run out on the run up to Christmas no matter how many we stock. We always start December packed to the gills with them and then we end up with disappointed customers Christmas week. Buy it now

Finally a gentle word of warning - We have had a great relationship with Doxy since they started and have always sourced them directly from the manufacturer or from their exclusive distributor. Beware of copies as there are loads out there. Literally every week we get customers in-store saying they got one online for €49 and it was crap. Well the real Doxy is built in the UK (not China) it will never be €49 as that is below the cost price and is magic. We can 100% guarantee we sell the original and always have and that you’ll love it.

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