Is the return policy almost too good?

Used Sex Toys

We are proud of how we deal with returns, we believe the best way to deal with returns is to be fair and clear. We offer the full legal distance selling rights of course and we also replace, refund or credit faulty products or unused products which we are happy to do and believe is only right.

The only caveat here is that we take hygiene very seriously, if we get a return of a product that has been opened it goes into the bin, if we get a return of lingerie item, it goes in the bin even if the customer tells us it has never been used. I’m going to shout this to be totally clear WE DO NOT SELL USED PRODUCTS and even the off chance a product might have been used makes it a used product in our eyes and only fit for the bin, no exceptions.

Some other retailers seem to offer incredible returns like “return for any reason” this means even if you just get bored of a product you can send it back for a full refund. Sounds brilliant but all I can say is buyer beware.

How Can a Retailer afford this unlimited returns?

Well realistically to do this there has to be a claw back in prices and their reselling policy. To offer this kind of returns policy is expensive and obviously for a sex shop that wants to survive needs to be paid for meaning higher prices. The other option that makes this possible is to be more flexible on what constitutes a “re-saleable product” and may not be a careful about restocking returned products. PlayBlue would NEVER restock a returned product that we even have the slightest indication could have been used. To us Returned is used.

At PlayBlue we will continue to be a fair brokers, we want you to be happy and want you to come back and shop with us again. But I’ll say it again WE DO NOT SELL USED PRODUCTS, we are clear in the returns policy we have and will still of course have full returns for faulty products.

Are you sure that anyone else you buy your sex toys with is not selling used products?

If you are interested you can checkout our Full Returns Policy

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