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Look I get it. You want to buy a vibrator. You’ve been thinking about it all week and finally you have pulled out your Visa debit and plunged into PlayBlue. Click on the Vibrators section and…fuck me there are hundreds to choose from. What, do I get it? The first one it must be the best, are they in order of greatness? Ah the first one looks like nothing I’ve ever imagined. Shag it I give up.

This is probably our biggest problem in selling more sex toys. We get willing customers who have no idea what to buy. The majority will never come in store because of embarrassment or distance. So we are kind of hamstrung with whatever browsing the customer does. It's true for all websites the majority of truly interested customers don't purchase. 

It gets even worse. Some customers buy something hoping they get it right. If this is a first sex toy it is vital they get it right as if they get something totally unsuitable they could be put off for years. 

Make a choice

We have tried loads to solve this problem and to be honest they all help. So let us discuss some of the best help on PlayBlue you can get looking for the right sex toy. 

Visit/Talk/Chat to Us - This is an obvious one but also the best. We have magic staff who know the products inside out and are delighted to help. If you ask for help we will be more then happy to. Don’t be embarrassed we help hundreds of Irish customers each week and talk to people about sex toys daily. I can guarantee total discretion and a knowledgeable helpful person to guide you to the perfect sex toy. To talk to us you can of course visit in-store in Tallaght or Cork, Phone us on (021) 4279670 or if you prefer we have a live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of every page. All these options are during business open hours. Outside of business hours email us but of course the response will not be instant.

Sex Toy Guides - We have written tons of purchasing guides and how-to’s to help you understand what we have and what you might need to think about. Obviously with time the older ones might be little outdated but they are all still good.

PlayBlue Favourites -  We have a constantly changing Top 3 products in loads of different categories that we love and know are brilliant products. All tried and tested by our staff so you know at least you are not getting a dud.

PlayBlue Videos - Over 1,000 of our products have videos on the details page showing you exactly what the product is and how it works and our rough opinion of each. There is no marketing nonsense. This is an honest real life video of the actual product and is designed to mimic what you might see/do if you were handling the product in-store.

PlayBlue Reviews - We have thousands of honestly collected reviews from real customers. We publish nearly them all and you can see them on each product details page. The only ones we don’t publish are insulting/rude reviews or reviews that talk about returns or something unrelated to the actual product. Personally I’m not the hugest fan of reviews as you find products either get a 5 star or 1 star award and I don’t get it sometimes, but we publish what our customers think because it’s the right thing to do and it might help.

Viktoria - Viktoria works for us and is super knowledgeable about everything sex toys. She reviews toys for us and writes most of our social media and a expert blog on the website. She is literally the wikipedia of sex toy knowledge and you should check her stuff out.

Category Sort - You could just buy the most popular products. In each category you can click on a sort by Bestselling. This will show the best selling in order. One caveat this is based on all-time sales so might include some older products but you should be able to filter these out. 

Look, get the first purchase right and you will be a lifelong sex toy addict so please just ask us we’d love to help.

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