1-Star Ratings - Can Make me Laugh

PlayBlue generally get great reviews but to be honest you have to take it all with a pinch of salt. We tend to either get 5-Star reviews (thanks) because we did what we said we’d do i.e send your order Next Day and the toys actually work!. Or we get 1-Star reviews because you ordered on a bank holiday Sunday night and the courier wasn’t banging on your door first thing Monday morning. 

I’ve learnt to just let it all flow off me and continue to try to over deliver but we got one recently that actually made me laugh. It was a 1-Star review because we don’t sell illegal products. Honestly a customer came into the shop and tried to buy Poppers (which are illegal in Ireland - no judgement). Which we don’t sell. Now I know most adult shops do sell them and well let's just park that. We just stay out of it and don't sell them because well as I said they’re illegal. Anyway this customer was obviously annoyed and left us a 1-Star review.

Mad Review

It just makes me realise that no matter what we do we will never please all the people all the time and we should never try. Just do what is right and our best. I mean if when orders came in and I immediately grabbed the products then jumped into a waiting taxi and shot across town with a Garda escort and hand delivered it. Some people would complain “Oh the box it very big” or “Sorry not happy I thought your Courier would install it for me”. We are never going to win here and all we can do is our best.

By far (well over 90%) of 1-Star reviews are about the Courier being either a day late or not delivering on the day a product was ordered. We of course get reviews about broken products. It happens, which is why we have an incredible returns service. Of course we also love the helpful reviews that have helped us evolve how we do business over the years. If we are really doing something wrong please do let us know. 

Finally we get disgruntled customers who might have expectations exceeding what is possible or in the above case illegal. We aren’t perfect and I think the majority of our 5-Star reviews are just us doing what we always do and should be expected but we do appreciate the thanks/reviews too.

So to hopefully bypass reviews like the above. Let me be clear we only sell what you can see on the website in-store and online. We don’t do under the counter or DVDs or Pills or Poppers or anything dodgy. We don’t sell or know about local services and we are also no experts in all legal matters we just sell what we decide to sell. If you ask in-store we’ll be forced to tell you we don’t sell them and if this gives us a 1-Star review, that’s life.

N.B :- We do love product reviews and publish them all on the product pages except the crude or rude ones. If you loved or hated a product please let everyone know anonymously on the product page.

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