Who do you Trust?

Trading online is so much about trust and it is something any serious online retailer is fanatical about trying to build.

At PlayBlue we believe there is only really one way to build trust and that is by being trustworthy! No tricks or fancy tech solutions to hoodwink customers or blotting reviews or pretending to be Irish etc. Our trust we believe is built around customer service and transparency in everything we do, we try to be fair and honest in all dealings.

Trust Us PlayBlue

Trust takes ages to build up and can be shattered so easily, the concept of Trust has been hi-jacked recently as something some retailers try to fake to take shortcuts but this is never real trust.

If you plan to buy sex toys any time soon we believe PlayBlue is worthy of your trust and would love you to compare us to any other player in this market you are considering.

Transparency - Our addresses and VAT number and contact details are clearly listed on the website in our Contact Us page and in the footer of every page. Our history on Social Media or in the Blog is clear to see, we've been around awhile. We’ve nothing to hide so why is it sometimes so hard to find real contact details for competitors with private Domain names, No Postal Address or VAT number etc

Delivery & Returns - Again in the footer of every page we have clear details on our free returns and delivery details. Every product page has the details listed too. We believe we are fair and promise to try our best to solve any issue. No extra charges hidden in Checkout or charges to return products. We want you to be totally clear before you purchase how we’ll deal with anything that may arise.

Reviews - We collect product reviews and have thousands published on the website, all honestly collected and published, we’d rather actually know what our customer think then make it up. We also to improve transparency of our reviews have integrated with TrustPilot a 100% Independent Reviews website to collect reviews for us too. We have no control or editorial capacity with them and every review is published directly on TrustPilot’s website. It’s a little like TripAdvisor but for websites.

Chat / Email / Phone or Drop-In - We really exist... you can call us or online chat us (click the button in the bottom right-hand corner) during business hours for an instant response. Or why not pop into either of our shops in Kilkenny or Tallaght? we’d love to help you in anyway we can with trained friendly staff.

Of course you can email us too and we again strive to respond as quick as possible. We want your experience with PlayBlue to be fantastic and would love to hear of any problems you have so we get the opportunity to fix them. Many competitors have no phone number or address information because they either are really based off foreign pretending to be Irish or are an under the bed part-time hobby operation.

Pricing & Stock - One of my all-time bugbears are these supposedly constant sales that seem to be on. We have competitors who are literally running “Sales” 365 days a year. This is really dishonest pricing. My advice is check like with like. If you see a Vibrator that is 50% off, I bet it is either still dearer then we sell it for or bulk Chinese stock.

Or another I see regularly is “Free €75 Vibrator when you spend €35”. Now I know this business reasonably well,  and I can tell you straight anyone who is really giving away a €75 product on a €35 sale is either stupid and losing money fast or telling lies about the €75 Vibrator they are giving away. Come on lads stop treating your customers as if they’re eejits.

At PlayBlue we show our stock levels for every product on our website. We actually hold all our stock, which is why we can do next day delivery. Most Irish websites don’t I’m afraid and never tell you until you order it will take 5 days to deliver.

Years of Satisfied Customers - We have been Ireland’s biggest online sex shop for years (based on Gross Sales) and the only way we have achieved that is through a constant focus on our customers and quality. We only buy off Authorised Distributors or Direct with Manufacturers, no Chinese bulk knock-offs or buying cheap off third parties. This way we can stand over the quality of our products and offer a Free returns policy (only one in Ireland). We also pride ourselves in actively hunting out problems our customers have so we can try to solve them.

Using online websites can still  be a little trip into the unknown. A few simple rules of thumb

  • Are they Legit? Contact details and About Us clear? Check the Address, Phone Number, VAT Number - Call them to Check if unsure.
  • Be real - A Doxy for €50? A Fleshlight for €40? - It’s a fake or worse second-hand euuhh!
  • Delivery & Returns - Are they clear and fair? How long will it take?
  • Check some independent reviews - Like ours on TrustPilot - If you can’t find any worry.

At PlayBlue we’re in this for the long haul and I can say honestly we try our best with every single order to do right by the customer. We’re not perfect and of course sometimes things go tits up but even then we’ll always try our best to sort it out...Trust us.

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