Busting 'Sex and Food' Myths!

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but could that also be an optimum route to his junk? Obviously physiologically no, but there are a large number of old wives tales, fake facts and  misconceptions about the interaction between food and the human libido.

 Today we’re here to chew bubblegum and bust myths , and we’re all out of gum. Hopefully we can address some of the most common food and sex misconceptions. And encourage you to get a little bit creative in the kitchen…and the bedroom.

1. MYTH: Chocolate gets the ladies hot.

Verdict: False-ish. While it’s true that a lot of women react to chocolate in way that’s almost sexual - chocolate chemically doesn’t actually do anything to make a woman more aroused. The reason for the misconception is that chocolate has the naturally-occurring chemical Phenethylamine in it. Phenethylamine stimulates your central nervous system and strongly effects your mood. It’s in the same class of chemicals as psychedelic drugs and anti-antidepressants - which every chocolate lover can attest to. The thing is, there isn’t enough Phenethylamine in chocolate to actually effect your mood… so if you’re thinking that box of dairy milk is going to get your next date hot and bothered, think again.

 2. MYTH: Pineapple makes your vagina/semen taste better.

Verdict: Unlikely. This is one of the most common and believable food sex myths out there: that pineapple makes your semen/vagina taste better to a partner. I think the idea behind it is that the sweetness of the pineapple will somehow magically make it’s way to your genitals just in time for your partner to put their mouths on them. They enjoy the taste, you enjoy yourself too. However, chemically there’s actually nothing in pineapple that would cause your semen to become sweet. Semen is made up to 2 - 3 months in advance, so in order to actually make it taste sweeter you’d have to be drinking pineapple juice/eating pineapple even longer than that…that’s if it even works at all. Sorry to disappoint.

 3. MYTH: Fruit and veggies make good sex toys.

Verdict: Wrong in so many ways. We’ve said this before and we’ll continue to say it until people start listening: just because you can use something as a sex toy, does not mean you should! Yes, there are many phallic sex toy out there but using them inside yourself (or putting yourself inside them) is not the way to go. First of all they’re not designed to go inside your body - which could result in tearing or even them getting stuck. They’re also not the cleanest object to stick somewhere delicate like that - yeast infections abound. Finally, it’s a real waste of food. I mean, sure, you could eat it anyway but do you really wanna be that guy?

4.MYTH: Oysters are an aphrodisiac.

Verdict: False, sorry shellfish lovers. So, much like chocolate for women, it has been suggested that oysters make both men and women hornier - thus making them the perfect date food. Oysters and shellfish contain D-Aspartic Acid which has shown to increase testosterone and oestrogen in lab rats - making them eager to get it on. It hasn’t actually been proven that it does the same thing to humans, AT ALL. It has been suggested that another reason oysters have been linked to sexuality is because they have a passing resemblance to a vagine and they’re also wet and fleshy. GAG.

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