Brand Focus - AutoBlow

AutoBlow was one of the first masturbator machines we ever added on PlayBlue and is still one of the most popular. It was designed to mimic Blow Jobs and whether you believe it does a good job or not is really beside the point. What it does is deliver amazing handjobs. We sell the two available AutoBlow machines the AutoBlow 2+XT and the AutoBlow AI+. Both similar with the newer AI+ being a more robust and featured machine but with a higher price tag.


AutoBlow is very American and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Their branding and videos are all good fun and tell the story of a brand that knows its market and understands it doesn't do rocket science it sells masturbators.

How they Work

Basically there is a hard plastic shell with a softy silicone sleeve like 99% of masturbators. Inside there is a gripper on a motor that you can control to plunge up and down the sleeve giving the automatic stoker sensations. They are built to last and are not subtle or quiet in anyway these are designed to just work. There are spare sleeves available for purchase and lube is an absolute must. DO NOT use without tons of lube.

AutoBlow AI+ (€249.95)

This is the top of the line. Faster, quieter and better built with a host of new features. Fancy a different blow job every time? With it’s built in AI it can learn and create unique blow jobs each time. You can also experience 10 different blow job patterns on demand. The AI+ is plug in to maintain the power and to be always available. With new features like Voice control, App control, Custom Gripper Tightness, Simple Cleaning, Partner control this is one serious piece of kit with satisfaction almost guaranteed.

AutoBlow 2+XT (€159.95)

This is the bestselling AutoBlow ever and the first one we started selling. We were amazed by it when it first came out and still it is a masturbating masterpiece. Smaller than the AI+ and it uses rings of beads as the gripper. It is also rechargeable anf plug in you choose. No remote control options and less control but still it delivers where it counts in endless incredible blow jobs. You can choose to buy different sized sleeves too to ensure a perfect fit.

Both machines are brilliant and should last years if kept well. Without doubt AutoBlow one of the best male masturbator machines you can buy when you have had enough of the old Fleshlight why not upgrade.

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